More Clemson Pics

Found some more Clemson DH race pics. These show how cool it is to hang out after the race. We call these “lifestyle” shots.

Everyone enjoying the free Redbull

Finish line sprint

Finish line jump

Josh… what can you say?

Windrock Session

Matt, Devin, Damon, Josh, and myself got in some great runs at Windrock yesterday.

Matt had some bad luck and was ejected from his bike when his brake caliper backed out and lodged in his brake rotor. To get him down the mountain we rigged up this…


Plus Damon doing a huge no footer of the new, smaller road gap…

Matt over the road gap…

and Devin in the chute…

Clemson DH Race

The bike club at Clemson University held a small DH race yesterday and it was a really good time. I have been having problems getting fired up about the season since I spent so much time on the bike this past winter. I had felt that my skill level was on par with the top guys so I worked a lot on my fitness this winter by riding a lot of XC. I think I am seeing that it is starting to pay off. I placed 5th out of 20 pro/open guys on a very pedaly course. Here are a few pictures of me.

Wednesday WR session

Sorry for no pics lately, but I’ve been under the weather with a sinus infection. But I did some runs at WR this afternoon with Josh, Damon, Matt, DJ, and some other cat. We got sprinkled on off and on, but the rain made the trails better. I did some good quality runs on the lower trails and started to find my race rythym for the first time this year. It felt good.

Perfect Conditions

Trying to beat the weekend wet weather forecast, I grabbed my Shova and did another most excellent ride at Haw. With the rain from Wednesday and some sprinkles today the trail conditions were PERFECT. I did a nice loop while jamming out to my mp3s. Had one good fall, so I know I was riding.

DH Training

Went out to Haw Ridge yesterday and climbed up Low Gap. Turned left and climbed up to the top of the Ridge Trail, lowered my seat and bombed all the way to the parking lot via Soccer like it was a race run. It hurt.

Jeff and Karl rock Windrock

Jeff and Karl came into town this past weekend and rode Windrock Saturday and Sunday. The weather has been abnormally cool and Saturday was a yuck day as our tires and suspension fluid weren’t liking the cold temps. There was even some snow at the top of Windrock and lots of icicles clinging to the rocks. The trails started out wet and quite greasy, but ended up pretty darn fast. Sunday was even better as we had Windrock all to ourselves. We did lots of runs on the lower trails, but the Alabama boys bookended the day with runs down the upper Windmill trails.

20s @ Bigfoot Dirt Jumps

Met a couple 20 riders the other day at Bigfoot. These guys can ride and hopefully bring their style to the trail building as we get some workable dirt. But I meet them out there again this evening. I tried to take a few shots, but its never as easy as a good photographer makes it look. I took lots of shots, but very few turned out well. Good thing I have 2 GB of digital film to waste.

How high can you go?

Racer style never dies