DH Training

Went out to Haw Ridge yesterday and climbed up Low Gap. Turned left and climbed up to the top of the Ridge Trail, lowered my seat and bombed all the way to the parking lot via Soccer like it was a race run. It hurt.

Jeff and Karl rock Windrock

Jeff and Karl came into town this past weekend and rode Windrock Saturday and Sunday. The weather has been abnormally cool and Saturday was a yuck day as our tires and suspension fluid weren’t liking the cold temps. There was even some snow at the top of Windrock and lots of icicles clinging to the rocks. The trails started out wet and quite greasy, but ended up pretty darn fast. Sunday was even better as we had Windrock all to ourselves. We did lots of runs on the lower trails, but the Alabama boys bookended the day with runs down the upper Windmill trails.

20s @ Bigfoot Dirt Jumps

Met a couple 20 riders the other day at Bigfoot. These guys can ride and hopefully bring their style to the trail building as we get some workable dirt. But I meet them out there again this evening. I tried to take a few shots, but its never as easy as a good photographer makes it look. I took lots of shots, but very few turned out well. Good thing I have 2 GB of digital film to waste.

How high can you go?

Racer style never dies


Riding at Bigfoot

This afternoon I did a couple loops out at Bigfoot on my Morewood Shova. I climbed up the new trail at the gate and then went down the loop around the sink hole. Climbed back up to the dirt jumps and went down the backside to Matt’s trail, then down the berm trail, then around the XC trail and climbed up the county’s old XC trail. I then went down one of the DH trails and back up Matt’s trail backwards and then back down the county’s old XC trail, then backwards along the XC trail, then up the berm trail, back to the dirt jumps and backwards along the sink hole trail and down the gate trail. Great fun.

Photo by Mark Webb

Working at Bigfoot

Well, we finally got some rain over the weekend. Bigfoot’s dirt jumps were in sad shape. So I went out there this morning with Cory, Claire, and Damon to work while the ground was still wet. It didn’t stay wet long, but we did get a lot done.

A look from the start hill

Another look at the second, third and fourth jumps

And the wallride

Day with the family.

Saturday was a nice day. I was feeling quite sore over some wrecks I had accumulated, so I took it easy for most of the day. But Meghann and I enjoyed the weather, combed the dogs, and took some pictures. Later in the day I did some DJing at Bigfoot and then joined Mark Webb for some picture taking on the trails.

Lone Mtn. Ride

Can’t remember the day, but Terry Jeffers, Matt Wiz, and I did a ride at Lone. Mtn in Morgan County. Its an ass kicker of a XC ride, but along with all the climbing is some great desending. I tried to be cool and ride it with flat pedals. Not cool. It really kicked my butt and Terry paid me back. He was riding great.

Starting off the season

The DH training season at Windrock has started. A couple of Sundays ago Mark Webb took this shot of me riding down the Windmill trail just before the high speed section. I really like this shot. It really has nothing to do with the rider, but has way more to do with just riding a bike in an epic environment.

Go ride your bike

This past weekend Gerrit came over and we got in some good training on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Unfortunately, I crashed pretty hard on Sunday. I got out of control in a section and hit a tree at a high rate of speed. The left side of my body took the blow and as a result, I am pretty bruised and swollen.