Wednesday Race #9

I started out really well and felt good until the finish of the 2nd lap when I started to feel sick to my stomach. In an effort to stem the nausea I dropped anchor and lost the lead about half way through the last lap. Finally recovered about an hour after the race. Not sure what the issue was. Perhaps it was the onset of heat exhaustion. My legs never really felt bad but I felt on the verge of throwing up for a while there. Lost 5 minutes on the last lap. Limped in 2nd place.


Spring Fling

Over Memorial Day weekend a few buddies and I headed towards the cabin for a weekend of moto and mtbs. Loo came in on Wednesday night. On Thursday we rode a little at Sharp’s Ridge before meeting up with Joey and Karl for some Windrock DH runs for old time’s sake. We were rusty and the trails were really slick after heavy rains the previous days. But we made the most of it and no one got hurt eventhough Karl certainly tried to hurt himself.

After Windrock we headed to the Litton Place. Friday we cut new moto trails around the property all day. It was a lot of work and I really appreciate the help from the boys. We got a serious amount of trails cut.