Ramp, Stout, and Turns

A couple months ago I attempted to build a kicker ramp out of some excess material from the cabin. It didn’t go so well. The radius was way too steep and i ejected myself right over the handlebar and landed back first on the jump lander. After watching a “how-to” vid by Sam Pilgrim I thought I would give it another go. Our jumps have been really small but as Wyatt’s skill progress we need some bigger ones. Since dirt is expensive and time consuming we thought we would build wood kickers and leave the landers as dirt.


For some time Curt has been collecting imperial stouts and the time to drink them came. Luckily he invited a few friends. Before the festivities we did a nice 15mile ride around South Knox leaving straight from Curt’s.

On Sunday Meghan, the boys, Mellow and I went up to the Litton Place and had a fun day around the track. Wyatt is getting faster and Rory is progressing nicely on the KTM Pro Senior. However I expect some frustration on our next Monster Mtn trip.

Just us boys

Meghann left me with the boys for the weekend. Could have been bad, turned out ok. Spent the weekend at the cabin and took advantage of BSF bike trails and Litton Place turn track. 

RSB and Wildwood MX

Several years ago I traveled down to LA to ride and eat food with Joey and Loo around Krewe du Vieux. At that time we made it all the way into NOLA and even attended the parade. This year we choose to just ride and camp and not to go all the way to the madness.

We started at Rattlesnake Bay in New Augusta, MS which is just outside of Camp Shelby. Its proximity to the artillery ranges made for some awesome sounds throughout the day and evening. The trails we swoopy, sandy and full of whoops. Some big enough to double, while others were just deep enough and spaced to really abuse the legs and wrists. The only downside was the face-slappers. The most memorable moment was provided by Loo derailing his chain which left the chain wrapped around the countershaft so baldly that required trailside repair. Of course no one brought tools so Joey and I went back to retrieve some. Once I got back to Loo it had started to sprinkle. We struggled to get the chain back on the sprockets. After a few choice words and busted knuckles we decided to just push the bike out to a road and allow me to go get a truck. Eventually we made it out and ended up having to remove the swingarm.

The camping spot was incredible. Very peaceful. Makes me wonder why I live in such a populated area. The last day we got a hookup from Steve Scaduri to ride a semi-private track called Wildwood MX in Kentwood, La. The track had some massive features. Most of the stuff had a “locals” feel to it. Tracks like Monster and Muddy Creek, which are public, race tracks the features are safe and predictable. Even if the jump is massive, ala Stairway to Heaven, its built safe and wide with long run outs. Wildwood had short landers, beat-up lips and no middle ground. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, just not a track an amateur can roll up on and dial in a day.