Spring Fling

Over Memorial Day weekend a few buddies and I headed towards the cabin for a weekend of moto and mtbs. Loo came in on Wednesday night. On Thursday we rode a little at Sharp’s Ridge before meeting up with Joey and Karl for some Windrock DH runs for old time’s sake. We were rusty and the trails were really slick after heavy rains the previous days. But we made the most of it and no one got hurt eventhough Karl certainly tried to hurt himself.

After Windrock we headed to the Litton Place. Friday we cut new moto trails around the property all day. It was a lot of work and I really appreciate the help from the boys. We got a serious amount of trails cut.


Knox Bike Racing Series #3

Last night was the third race in the Knox Bike Racing Wednesday night series at Baker’s Creek trails. The course went up Redbud and down Floyd Fox for 4 laps.I went way too hard on lap 1 and as expected blew up pretty hard on lap 2. I made a slight recovery by lap 4 and was able to pull in 3rd position. I am doing these to help with my pedaling during these enduro races, so I have reasonable expectations on how well I will preform. Couple that with a 26″ steel hardtail with flats and its clear that I’m not going to be competitive, but I do think its going to help me down the road in these enduro races when the stages are more pedaly.

Wyatt is doing these as well and I think he does well for his experience level. We never ride together with the purpose of XC racing as a goal, so his understanding of shifting and when to push and when to rest is really low. But I think he enjoys the activity and riding with kids his own age is good.

Rockcrusher Enduro

This past weekend was the 3rd round of the Third Coast Enduro Series. It was held at a private moto track/track facility Rockcrusher Farm. The trails are only open 1 time a year for this race and the quality of the dirt shows. It is all topsoil and to make it even better, its off camber, steep, rooty, tight, and oh so natural. Basically everything opposite of IMBA.

In possibly a bad move on my part, I invited Geritt to come and of course he won and bumped me down a spot in the overall standings. I still finished up 1st in 40+ and was 5th overall. I started the day too cautious and had a major mistake on stage 2 but as they say, everyone also had their issues. After perfect conditions on Saturday for practice it rained for about 4 hours Saturday evening. Conditions weren’t much different for Sunday except some lines really got blown out. I was able to avoid all of the pitfalls except one costly one on stage 2. Oh well, I had a smile on my face all day and I hung out with a really good group of friends. Was about as perfect as it could get.