Sick — 5 Comments

  1. I had the exact same problem a month ago. I was sick for 2 weeks solid and finally went to the doc who said it was a sinus infection. Antibiotics cleared it up but it returned this past weekend and now my face is swollen and crazy painful. I actually have an appointment with a root canal doc to make sure it’s not an abscessed tooth.

  2. I was sick for 3 weeks a month ago with the exact same symptoms. I was miserable until I went back to the doctor and got a steroid and an antibiotic shot. I felt better within hours.

  3. Doc gave me a stronger antibiotic and I’m still blowing yellow snot today but I do feel some better. You know how you feel the end coming? I actually feel much better today and I can feel that I could be back to normal soon. Lets hope the yellow snot dries up and I can get back to my regular self.

  4. I told you I think it is exactly what you don’t want to hear. I was about your age when it started for me. There is no rule book for it everybody is affected differently.
    Maybe mono then?

  5. Doc actually asked me if I had been around anyone with mono. He said it was definitely an infection but since I had no symptoms before all this went down he said bug. Not allergies. Plus the fact that my kid has had it and now Meghann he still thinks it was a bug.