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Could I do with only — 3 Comments

  1. 2nd post in less than a month regarding downsizing. Bring whatever you don’t want anymore to my house. I still have some room in the basement.

  2. Think you can get rid of your downhill bike and still live at the base of windrock? What about getting rid of the 250 and buying a backup set of knobby wheels and tires for your 530?

  3. Yeah I have thought exactly about that.

    Actually I just to not think about DH for awhile. I need a real break. No building, no maintenance, no riding. I’d like to just wake up choose moto or trail and get on with it. DH is a black hole of time. It takes such a huge investment to maintain Windrock and ride DH. I was out there almost for 6 hrs and I did 4 runs. I had a good time, but at the end of the day I wonder where all my time went. The real problem is that most of my good friends still want to DH when they come to town and I feel that if I walked away from Windrock right now it would be letting an institution down without someone else to carry the torch. I need a replacement.