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Loo’s Vacation — 3 Comments

  1. You forgot to mention the Loo “fashion show.” Changing his outfit after each run at Windrock. Oh BTW, that trail below the gate is a great idea……that should keep the flow go’in! Genius…..

  2. Wow doug your recap list really says it all.
    I wonder who had to uh,……sanitize the mens room at Buddy’s after we left.
    Still might be radioactive!

  3. Oh snap i forgot to add my bee swigging action from my Monster kaos drink to the list.
    Sorry James.

    (I drank 3 bees that got into my drink and spit them out so fast one stung James in the leg with maximum velocity).
    Yeah….no joke.
    Chuck Norris ain’t got sh1t on me….