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Let it begin. — 5 Comments

  1. thats some good lookin dirt. we put in a little warmup/pump section, only took like 2 hours and turned out fun. we just added the berm after the 2 six packs to start another 6 pack going out to the left, then another berm to bring us back where we started. another couple months of work and it should be golden.

    check out our progress…

  2. Nice. I thought you meant bit by a John Deere until I watched th whole thing. Those jumps look nice and flowy. BTW, we got 10 tandem truck loads of dirt dumped at Bigfoot this week.

  3. no way, what for? i was in knoxville a few weekends ago helping my sister move and rode for a couple hours on my way out of town. everything was basically still the same…dry, dry, and rocky.

  4. We are going to extend the dirt jumps. I want to extend the line with the wall ride with as many jumps, as far as we can. Plus I want a good hip jump somewhere up there.