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KTM 530 xcw — 4 Comments

  1. Nice man. Hey Kel is wanting 2100 obo, and he’s willing to deal. Its the 2009 sx trail 2 i think, its the lower end on that retailed for 3700, and he rode it maybe 10 times before he broke his wrist. he put a single ring gamut guide and boobars on it too.

  2. Wow for a guy that puts on such a minimalist front you sure have a lot of cool stuff.
    The girl’s said your bike looked “scary” as you went down the driveway. Told them you’d like hearing that.

  3. I pick and choose what I want to be minimalistic on. That way I can afford what I really want. I have had the same vehicle for 10 years. Which is pretty cool. I hope to have it for ten more years. But in the mean time, I bought a toy. 🙂