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First ride of the year — 6 Comments

  1. Hell yeah! actually kind of got me pumped to ride DH… funny.. I felt a spark left in me… like a fire is still glowing within me.. hopefully I can just keep that glowing flame so I can release it at the next big race!.. sweet vid. ! definitely needs a turn bar or pedal spin.. I see Ben tried to do a 180 on the track..

  2. Doug! Long time no see. Found your blog off Ramsbottom’s page. I’m living down in Knoxville now. Trail looks sick. Where is it?

  3. Wow, what are you doing in Knoxville? Thats up at Windrock just 30 minutes from Knoxville. You riding any?

  4. Doing video for UT Athletics and Vol Network. I rode Haw Ridge the other day for the first time in a while with Drew Buford. All I have right now is a P3 singlespeed, but im down for just about anything.

  5. I haven’t dirt jumped seriously since last year. Since I got a moto, I had to let something slip. I still got my jump bike and ride my track all the time. I’d be down for hitting the jumps though. I jumped the other day at ETSU. Their jump line was fun. You got to get a trail bike. I got some killer shuttles we can do. You going to be around this weekend?