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Sunday there was a XC race at Loyston and they had a big portion of it dedicated to kids. Rory got his chance to race his mountain bike for the 1st time and dominated his competitors. We was so far ahead after the DH portion that we had time to fix his derailled chain and he still finished 1st with no other racer in sight. Impressed.

Wyatt raced in the 9-10 class and I was anxious to see how he would stack up against kids his own age versus some 14 year old. Their course was a full lap around the original Loyston Loop which was around 5.5 miles. I went down in the woods towards the end of the course and was really excited to see him in 3rd position and so close to Henry Reed (whom has beat Wyatt at every Wed race). After he entered the woods at the beginning so far in the back and just following the kids in front of him, I was really happy to see that he passed so many kids during the loop.

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