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This weekend was our first overnight trip to the cabin. Even though it isn’t complete, it is water tight and has a construction 20amp service, so lights and fans are operational. I drove up early Saturday morning and dropped off the dirt bikes then headed off to BSF to grab a mtb ride. I did a quick pedal around West Bandy loop followed by a dip in the river. Afterwards I helped my dad around the cabin. Moving wood, picking up garbage, stacking used shingles, etc. Around 2 the boys showed up and we let them ride the track until dinner. Followed by another dip in the river. That night the 4 of us stayed in the basement. It wasn’t too bad with fans moving the air around, but the humidity in the basement could be felt. Sunday morning we got up and walked up to the big rock and the boys rode the track again. As they tired of riding the track we did some fishing around the pond and caught a few bluegills. After lunch we did another dip in the river. Meghann and boys headed home and I did another quick ride in BSF. This time the John Muir trail out past Grand Gap.




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