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I had been promising myself to take the both camping this Fall and why not at the Litton Place. Its private and easy. Still trying to find someone to let the chickens out in the morning and put them up at night has proven to be a huge anchor tying us to the house this year. So for the Friday night camp out it was to just be me and the boys. Meghann would eventually join us in the morning. The weather forecast was wrong as usual and we woke up to sprinkles. I wasn’t completely prepared for wet weather. We didnt have a dining fly nor a stove. I had planned to cook on the fire. Luckily the rain was just an off and on drizzle so was still able to accomplish breakfast and lunch over the fire. I think we still had a good time and I hope to do more camping soon.







One evening last week we went to the pump track in South Knoxville.



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