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Dirt Jumping goodness — 3 Comments

  1. doug,
    we should get a really big dumptruck and move bigfoot to florida. lol! i miss riding there so much.

  2. oh and that wallride is sick! im gonna pay the local trail bum some money to steal me a bunch of plywood so we can build one too! hes been telling me how hes wanting to go to jail so that he can sleep in a bed and beat outt he upcoming four days of rain; so i really dont think he will have a problem with it.he told me the other day he was going to steal me a couple bags of cement so that we could cement the faces of the jumps,hahahahaha.lol! wait till u meet this character, he guards our jumps and makes sure that no other bums come and steals are tools and trades them in for crack! hahahahaha the 8 pck is looking better and better.

  3. hey doug, sorry to keep blowing up your message board, but i was gonna give you my address so u could mapquest it. its 7 ocean drive, ormond beach, fl 32176.ttyl