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  1. Thank you for your reviewing of the new BFG Ko2 A/T – particularly in Mud – as it has assisted me in making my decision to replace 35″ Cooper STTs in “E” rated for the 37″ All Terrain . Main factor is the 4.10 gearing I have on my JKU wont be upgraded until next year to 5.13. I also have a built D30 still out front .The 37″ KO2 is only 68lbs but after trimming the fenders , I need to fill up the wheel well and the Coopers after 21k miles are more a 33″ tire. These worried me because, like you, I wheel middle tennessee and N.georgia and cannot always avoid mud getting to the rocks. I now feel these will be far more capable than I had initially considered for my 4800lb JKU. Thnk you!