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The hardest thing I have ever done — 7 Comments

  1. Man, the expression on your face tells the truth, brutal! And what no shot of my back as I ooze off in to the dust?!

  2. Awesome! I’m down for two this fall. Can’t wait to bump some bars.

    What series was the race part of? The GA-specific series sounds pretty chill, like chill as in people stopping to help a downed dude out, but the SETRA races sound like they may get cutthroat/stupid. We’ll see.

  3. Deiner,
    This event was part of the mid-south series. Google it yo! When are you coming to the Rock? Its the perfect training ground for the tight and twisted.


  4. Sweet new kit. “I ain’t got no fear!”

    Shane called to update, supposed to get me some pics middle week. Braaap!

    Freeze that pipe, or heat it up w/ a torch and air.

  5. Harescrambles are the biggest fun ever! I looked the same as your picture after my first one. There used to be a Mid-east series, a N.C. series and a Georgia series, one in Virginia too I think, so you can race most of the year if all tose are still happening.
    I was told by a mtb. racer after saying how whipped I was, that the motorcycle does all the work all “I was doing was sitting on the motorcycle twisting the throttle” It is certainly a workout. Glad you guys had fun!

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  7. That’s the nice part about enduros if someone gets hurt. The next checkpoint isn’t too far away and you can notify a courseworker that someone is injured.

    I thought the same thing after trying my first enduro. Riding duncan and brown definitely gets you ready for what you’ll see in a race. The condititions are way worse now and definitely prepare you for some of the worst except without too many nasty hillclimbs.

    I think I have seen you guys out there before. Next time you see an 04 rm 250 say hey.

    Also check out http://www.easttnriders.com