Friday I stopped by Concord on my way home and grabbed a short but sweet 1 hour ride. I have not ridden my mtb as much as I would like this spring. Work and 2 boys have kept it irregular. Add to that no regular group rides I can latch on to and it makes it that much harder to convince myself to ride solo. As usual I was glad I went. The conditions where perfect; loose over hard. I had slowly changed the setup of my bike to a point where I just wasn’t myself. Having realized this I started to play with settings and slowly I have been getting back to my usual, aggressive self. I am running my fork very stiff with a lot of slow speed compression and no high speed compression. I have rolled my bars forward and I’m diving into corners more confidently. Thursday’s and Friday’s rides were good and by the end of the rides I was slashing my rear tire to the point of rolling the tire off the rim.

Saturday morning I hopped on the 530 and rode to Half Moon Rd. Todd and I did trail 30, 18, 32 and the last 3/4s of Duncan’s. I tried to ride as much with out stopping as I could. Oh by the way, 4 strokes are cheating.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I tried to let Meghann do whatever she wanted. Wyatt and I ran some errands on the morning and then we headed to her mom’s for the afternoon and dinner.

I am going to try and get back into the gym. My spindly arms and barrel chest look so ridiculous together. I guess I’ll try to bring my arms up to match. Furthermore I need to get some strength back in my knee. Its still not 100% from the Feb 20th crash.

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