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26West Bike Park — 6 Comments

  1. hey man whats up? i havent talked to you in awhile and just thought i would see how things are going? well i mback in the saddle again! the summer time flatness of teh ocean is about to hit florida again and the dirt jumps that we started building down here in FL are still there.its basically the same story as that of bigfoot.people come and say we are going to develop it, and nothing happens.me nad my friend lex trenched out in between the jumps and we have a 6 pack thats about chest high along with a smaller line, both of these lines leading into a big horseshoe berm.ill send pictures soon.whats the best email address to send them to you at?

  2. Don’t wus out on us now…you’re the defending NC state champion! I wonder if the aformentioned local contingent might come out and give you a run for your money this year(?).

  3. Mark you old sea dog, when you going to be back in this area?

    Kenan, yeah I’ll be there with bells on. I hope the race isn’t the weekend before the SS final, because I am looking at going to another Diablo race.

  4. Just wanted say thanks for putting those images to good use. I’m all for supporting the new 26west park!
    I hope the scheduling works out and I’ll see you up there again this season.

  5. Hey Robert, I needed to “approve” your comment. Thanks for the picks.

  6. i should be back in july sometime.i will definetly let you know.hows bigfoot?