Challenge — 6 Comments

  1. Great job on Walden. I hope to ride it soon. I really want to do a little trail work before you get too far in and I have to walk 5 miles in and out!

  2. The loppers and rakes are the end of the trail. Its pretty easy to see the old trail and follow it. No need to walk in just ride in and enjoy the ride out.

  3. Can’t wait to get up there. Hopefully I can get there for a couploe hours this Sunday. I’ll be really cool to have something close that is truly challenging.

    I thought more about our discussion on Ridemonkey about the “begginer” status of Haw Ridge. We were both right. You were correct in that anyone can pedal the trails. I was right in that the trails become expert at a certain speed. It has always taken a good bike handler to be really fast at Haw Ridge even on the XC trails.

    Why bring this up? Well, as I watch the further dumbing down of Haw Ridge it makes me sad. The trail sanitizers aren’t satisfied with their endless IMBA approved loops and are now invading the last of the expert trails such as Roller Coaster and Ridge doing their best to make sure no will ever be required to dismount or struggle to make a near impossible climb.

    Last night I noticed several new ride arounds. One in paticular baffled me. The huge mudhole on Middle road, right after the intersection with lake has always required folks to shoot up on the bank through some tight trees and over a rooty section. It wasn’t a big deal, but to keep your speed through it required some actual bike handling. Not anymore, someone has decided it would much faster to build a nice straight smooth ride around on the other side. Now usually the trail sanitizers could hide behind the fact that their new trail helped with erosion or somehow benefited the enviroment, but not this one. Just a new way to get around an obstacle that requires less skill and will help those low skilled types keep the real mountain bikers in sight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love Haw Ridge but I’m afraid that before too long we will be running pacelines out there. Everyone seems to fear having to slow down, turn hard or dismount.

    Thanks for letting me ramble, but it hard watching something you love turn for the worse. I guess it goes along with your comment about not liking whats good for the masses.

    See you soon on Walden.

  4. Interesting, I just hope that the introduction of Walden Ridge won’t lead to further “dumbing”.