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Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was Memorial Day and I traveled to Alabama with Joey to meet up with Jeff, Karl, Chris, Scott, Loo, and Scuba. We drove down late Friday evening and with Joey’s bike needing a bunch of repairs we stayed up way too late. We got up early and tried to make it to Minooka OHV to ride before the forecast heat in the 90s got too be to much. Of course we rode way longer than we had planned but it was just too much fun. The new 250sx is far superior to the old 08 in almost every way possible. Any regret I had spending the money for it is long gone. On our way home we stopped by this little BBQ place and while the service wasn’t the greatest, the BBQ was pretty darn good. Capt. Tom could leave a little bit on portion sizes from this place. Once we got to Jeff’s house we relaxed the rest of the evening in his pool. Nothing says classy like Karl and an above ground pool.

We moved Sunday’s riding to The Ridge in Springville, Al. While Minooka was fun, The Ridge is a lot better. There are more trails, better dirt, and a couple MX tracks to play on. Jeff, Scott and I tried to do all the singletrack. The heat and lack of water (poor planning) kept us from making all of it in one loop. However what we did ride was really, really good. However the best ride of the day was the late afternoon ride where almost all of us rode together in search of trail 51. After riding until 5pm, Joey and I got on the road and heading home. I think we rolled into my place around 10:30pm.

I was really glad Monday was a holiday because I desperately needed a vacation from my vacation. I washed my bike and we loaded up the boat. We spent most of the day cruising up and down Melton Lake. We found a couple places to beach and splash around in the water. Wyatt is turning into quite the fish and was bummed when we headed home for the day. I think next Saturday we will head back to the water now that the summer heat has settled in.







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I found this funny

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Rain, work, and family really wrecks havoc on any kind of riding rhythm. Last week I rode Wednesday moto, then a Friday lunch XC ride. Saturday and Sunday were 4 wheeling with Wyatt and my dad. I had a great time and wouldn’t trade it but I didn’t get any 2 wheel riding. Then of course Monday, Tuesday and now Wednesday it has been raining. I brought my bike to work and I think I’ll go to Norris regardless of weather this afternoon. I need some exercise.

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I’m OK

This is not me however it could be me on many other occasions. But I found this on Vital and laughed at his response “I’m OK”

Karl has been tearing up the Alabama scene of late. Here is a pic of him at the Oak Mtn. Pump track.


Then Sunday night it all came crashing down. He did one too many laps and ended up riding in the short bus to the ER after he temporarily lost vision.


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Step up or get out of the way

2012 KTM 250sx




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Friday I stopped by Concord on my way home and grabbed a short but sweet 1 hour ride. I have not ridden my mtb as much as I would like this spring. Work and 2 boys have kept it irregular. Add to that no regular group rides I can latch on to and it makes it that much harder to convince myself to ride solo. As usual I was glad I went. The conditions where perfect; loose over hard. I had slowly changed the setup of my bike to a point where I just wasn’t myself. Having realized this I started to play with settings and slowly I have been getting back to my usual, aggressive self. I am running my fork very stiff with a lot of slow speed compression and no high speed compression. I have rolled my bars forward and I’m diving into corners more confidently. Thursday’s and Friday’s rides were good and by the end of the rides I was slashing my rear tire to the point of rolling the tire off the rim.

Saturday morning I hopped on the 530 and rode to Half Moon Rd. Todd and I did trail 30, 18, 32 and the last 3/4s of Duncan’s. I tried to ride as much with out stopping as I could. Oh by the way, 4 strokes are cheating.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I tried to let Meghann do whatever she wanted. Wyatt and I ran some errands on the morning and then we headed to her mom’s for the afternoon and dinner.

I am going to try and get back into the gym. My spindly arms and barrel chest look so ridiculous together. I guess I’ll try to bring my arms up to match. Furthermore I need to get some strength back in my knee. Its still not 100% from the Feb 20th crash.

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Getting Out


Ride to Haw from the house and back. It was a little wet but offered some from fun turns.

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iPad fun

I bought Meghann an iPad for our anniversary and we have had too much fun with the photo booth app. Also we just tried out the Facetime app and that is pretty cool as well.




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