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We have plans to camp and 4wheel this weekend in Harlan, KY’s Black Mtn OHV area. We will return on Sunday evening, swap vehicles and head off to the beach in SC. We again have plans to camp in Francois Marion State Park just north of Charleston. We will take the bikes, moto, and kayak. Should be fun.

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Arms no longer required!

So, we have cars that park themselves, car doors that open and close automatically, remote door locks, cars seats that fold themselves down and up, even building doors open and close themselves, not to mention that soap and paper towels in the bathroom require no touchinng.

I wonder when arms and hands became so irrelevant?

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My knee is getting better. Saturday it was flirting with rain and I rushed to get a dirt bike ride in. At least get started before it rained. I don’t mind riding in the rain but starting a ride in the rain is a much harder choice. I got started and while the trail was really wet, it was still a lot of fun to ride. My goal was to do a non-stop loop but before I could get 1/4 way through I flatted my rear tire and ultimately sliced the tire from riding out on it flat. I found an old take-off in my pile that had some tread and tried again on Sunday. I kept a good medium pace. I’m still pretty cautious with my knee. If I were to fall on it I think I’d be right back were I was weeks ago. As such I didn’t really push it. Furthermore with all this time off I get tired pretty easy. All in all it was good day. I got in a long day and played around a bit on technical skills.

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Watery Fun

Last night I rode Haw for my first XC ride since Feb 20th when I busted my knee open. While I’m still not 100% I just had to ride. While pedaling I really don’t feel my knee. When I get off and stand around I feel how stiff it gets. As I approached East Shore the wind picked up and I started to hear thunder. I was surprised because I didn’t see any thunderstorms forecast for yesterday. By the time I was on east Shore I could see and hear rain falling in the river just feet away. Finally it blew in and big fat rain drops had me soaked before I reached the LDC. Usually storms approach from the west, but this one blew in from the east. As I approached the LDC the rain turned to hail and was really coming down. With nowhere to hide I just kept riding. I wasn’t going to get any wetter and with so much water there wasn’t any mud on the trails. By the time I got to Soccer Trail there was so much water coming down the trail it was like riding down a creek and in places it was almost hub deep. It was like the moment at a Snowshoe race where you just realize there is no escaping the cold, the rain, and the mud. So the sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll have fun. As I got to the parking lot I was bummed it was over.

Here is the price I paid to ride last night.


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Slow but steady

My knee has not healed like I thought it should have. In my mind, it was just a cut and I got some stitches. Given the crash I never thought that my knee internally would still have me off the bike almost 4 weeks later. Two Wednesday’s ago I rode dirt bikes and it felt good however I started to develop a sharp pain below my knee cap. The swelling was still pretty severe but the cuts were healing nicely. By the following Saturday I went down to Georgia to ride dirt bikes. It still hurt and within a short time it hurt too much to ride. On Monday I called my doc and he prescribed my a more powerful anti-inflammatory. By Wednesday I tried to ride my pump track and was surprised that I could actually ride. Wyatt and I swapped runs of 5 laps per direction and within an hour my knee was stiff and was ready for icing. Last night I was able to ride the track a bit longer and was able to use my legs more. I even rode around on my trail bike and it felt better than I expected. While its not 100%, it is getting better. My next goal is to ride moto again on Sunday.

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Two Times the Trouble


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Highland Park and the Cove







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