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Good dog

I know duck season is a long way off, but I just saw this and this is a good dog

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Wyatt and I build a jump

I am feeling much better and I really needed to get out after work. Meghann was at a work party so Wyatt and I went to Windrock to build a jump. Afterwards we ate dinner and went by the lake. He played with grubs, worms and ant larva. Plus he did a little help with digging as well.







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She’s the best

I know you think your wife is the best but you are wrong. Look what my wife surprised me with for my birthday.


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Wednesday the 11th I did a moto ride after work and was off my game the whole ride. By the end I was exhausted and barely made it home. I kept wanting to pull over and go to sleep. Once home, I ended up sleeping all day Thursday and Friday. Saturday I had a low grade fever and went to the walk in clinic. They did nothing. I still slept most of Saturday and Sunday with achy muscles and a fever. Then on Monday my head stuffed up and I really hurt. Went back to the doctor and they gave me Amoxicillin, FloNaze, and Tylenol. Said I had a sinus infection. I started blowing yellow and green snot by Tuesday and it hasn’t stopped. Fourteen days later I still am weak, coughing, and blowing yellow snot. I have another doctors appointment this afternoon. In all my years, even when I have had the flu, I have never been this sick, for this long. What makes it even worse is that Wyatt has had it for nearly a month and now Meghann has it too. Last night I went to bed at 9pm. This is pitiful but what could it be. And don’t say allergies. I had no signs of allergies before basically passing out for 5 straight days with a fever. Plus my nose didn’t start running until after the fever was over on the 6th day.


This sums up what I want when I ride my bike

Saturday Afternoon – James Swinden from Joe Bowman on Vimeo.

plus this is just funny

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Funny gifs

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Trails 42,43,44,26 and 35

Sunday Joey and I did this route on trail bikes. We setup a shuttle in Oliver Springs.

Track (5-22-11 2-33-12PM)

EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Tennessee

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I like this style of riding

Self Shot and Edited – More Mountain Bike Videos

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Why have mtbers gotten so afraid of non-epic conditions? Mountain biking is supposed to be dirty. I have almost completely stopped posting on a local mtb forum. The newest crop of mountain bikers is too worried about %grade, mud damage, and sustainability. What happened to riding in the worst conditions and looking for adventure?

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Even more reason

I got to ride my 250 XC last night and it reinforces my wishes to get rid of the DH bike. I got the same feeling that I get on DH for 1 straight hour. I stopped on a couple times to clear debris but I was pretty much rolling for a straight hour then back home to see the family. Value.

Update: I worked from 9:30am til noon on Saturday weedeating and leaf blowing trail. I got a flat at the beginning of my one and only run. I packed up and left at 2pm. Where did the day go? Conversely I meet some moto guys at 9am on Sunday. We started rolling at 9:30 and was back at the truck at 11:30. 2 solid hours of pinned. I was back home by noon and spent the rest of the day with the family.

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