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Hare Scramble, Birthdays, and Bridges

Been awhile since I have updated and you might think I didn’t have much going on but I have been super busy. Two Sundays ago I went with Devin, Danny, and Jeff to a Mideast hare scramble near Morganton, NC. It was by far the most fun race I have done. Generally I get so wore out I start to hate riding during a race but this one was different. The dirt was great, the track was wide, and there were almost no rocks. There was however a lot of whoops. This was my first time riding lots of whoops and I found out I love them. Its were I did most of my passing. Most folks would pucker up and slow down. I just rolled the throttle further back, go back on the pegs and just let it hammer through. NC has a huge race scene, so I bumped down to 30+ C and finished 3rd out of 17 or 68 out of 198 overall. I have the speed to be in the Bs, just not enough speed for a 2hr race. I did stay on the lead lap and did 6 laps. The top pros did 7 I think. Still got to work on hydrating. I didn’t cramp during the race but did on the way home. BTW traveling to races with Devin is the best. Watching movies and stretching out in the Sprinter beats a regular truck any day.

Then this Saturday I took Wyatt up to my cousin’s house in Winfield, TN for his son’s birthday party. I’m not one to tote my kid from birthday party to party but this one had something in it for me. Since Darby lives almost on the border of the Big South Fork Rec. area I took my trail bike and did a nice 8 mile loop right out of his door. I just beat the rain and felt really good on the bike. Wyatt is so in to Star Wars right now. Its all he talks about or wants to play and this birthday party had a Star Wars theme. So he was in hog heaven. Here is a map of my route. I forgot to turn the tracker off so the last 10 miles of so was in the truck.



Track (3-26-11 3-19-22PM)

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And finally on Sunday I met up with Josh, Mark, Joey, Todd, and Buddy to finish up the bottom of the OG Windmill. The trail goes through some really cool, naturally rocky terrain and one part was going to be on a narrow spine right against the creek. To make it ridable, we needed to widen it with wood. Todd hooked us up with some pressure treated 2×6s and Josh and I picked up and few pickets for decking. The really bad part was that all that wood, really heavy wood, had to get up in the woods. So for the first hour all we did was hike wood in. Then we split up and while Todd and Josh worked on the bridge while the rest of us worked on the trail. As usual Mark Webb created works of rock bridge art. This trail is going to be something special as if it was not all ready. But the OG Windmill now goes through Railyard, the Coal Berms, Railyard Part 2, and then into this rock city area. Not rest for the weary. We have thought about creating some kind of OG Windmill challenge. Completed under a certain time, number of back to back runs, or something. This trail isn’t death defying, but once it starts it doesn’t stop.



The Cove

Track (3-18-11 8-12-31AM)

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Roger and I met up in Prentice Cooper State Forest Thursday night to camp and tackle Coppinger Cove the next day. I’ll post more later but for now here are Roger’s pictures.

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Cruiser Work

Since the trail removed one of my flares for me, I decided to remove them all. Once off, I really liked the cleaner, slimmer look. However there was a bunch of holes left from the mounting hardware that need to be covered up. I decided to use bedliner. It would give it a good off road look and add some durability to the paint. I ordered Durabak off the internet and followed their instructions. Applying couldn’t be easier. As usual the prep was the hardest part. But big thanks to Meghann and Wyatt for helping me out.

In perfect timing my sliders from 4xInnovations. They offered the style I wanted at the best price I could find. I put a layer of rust proofer and two layers of glossy black Krylon. I think I’m going to add some bedliner on the outer rail for slip resistance.

Now if Roger will step up and get some mud terrains and sliders his 80 will look as good as mine. ;)

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Moto with Matt Wiz

Track (3-12-11 2-12-05PM)

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What is happenign to me?

As spring approaches and I get back into the mode of almost everyday riding, I have been thinking a lot. Maybe its because my mind wanders a bit too much at work but I have been thinking of what excites me on two wheels. I have always been a DHer and might always be. But here is what I’m realizing. A day of DHing is actually a lot of sitting around. For example, a full day of practice at Snowshoe is 6-8 practice runs and if each run is 5 minutes I am only on the bike 30-40 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, those are an intense 40 minutes but the setup to ride a DH bike is a lot of work. You need a highly specialized bike, a shuttle truck or lift, a hill, and easy access from a road. That seems like a lot of layers for 5 minutes. The problem is I am addicted to it. But, what if you could get that same feeling but for much longer? What about a trail bike? Some of the best and longest DH runs I have ridden aren’t near roads or lifts. A properly setup trail bike can get you there. Yeah you got to pedal there and it may not be fun but you get the added bonus of exercise. Now what about a dirt bike? This past Saturday I rode 50 miles and had that intense feeling for closer to 5 hours not minutes. Maybe I just need to man up and get over having to race for 2-3 hrs.

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Cruiser Updates

Taping has been easy for my first time ever. But I started to realize that there were things I didn’t think through all the way and it was good I started this long before I was ready to apply. For example it took a bit of time to properly tape off the door jams. Plus I need to wash the areas under the rear bumper wings so I can tape off that area as well. I have decided to bedline that as well. I think it will help protect the paint and metal from potential rusting.

The HVAC was a bit harder to disassemble than expected. I broke a few plastic tabs that I epoxied back together. I think they will hold.

I also saw that you can replace the floor carpet with vinyl. I think it would be cool to do in the rear and definitely on the wish list for the truck.

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Tuesday’s Projects


KTM Factory guys goofing off.

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What !f

What !f Official Trailer from Red Tide Pictures on Vimeo.


20 miles short

Devin and I drove up Redbird, KY to ride the 70 mile off road loop with Chris Kring and a couple other guys from MI. To make the loop requires a quick pace with little room for wrong turns. Neither is easy to do. There are lots, I mean lots of turns and potential wrong turns. So thanks to Chris for taking that responsibility head on. Our pace was good, but a couple mishaps and a winter of not riding at that pace kept us from making the entire loop. But I still had a great time and most of the rain held off until late in the day. In fact the morning had near perfect conditions. I surely got a lot practice crossing angled logs. Plus Devin eyed a cool little rock to rock step down that I made. It was really small, but in the rain is was a cool accomplishment.

Another impressive thing is my buddy Mark Billingsby doing this…

Untitled from Mark Billingsby on Vimeo.

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