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I’ll give it all up for my trail bike

If I had to choose. I’d choose my trail bike. I can ride XC on it. I can ride DH on it. I can explore on it and most of all I have tonnes of fun on it. Rode Haw last evening and did Roller Coaster counter clockwise. I had never been that way, so riding some of the features in a new direction was refreshing. I noticed K2 on my way around and knew I needed to try and ride that. I had been in a funk yesterday thinking about the nearing end of my oldest dog Domino and then I tried to high speed manual a huge hole across a small creek. I pulled up and had to sit it back down prematurely and got bucked up on my front wheel and rode a nose manual into a tree. I smiled and started to have some real fun. I climbed up Rainbow and pushed to the top of K2 and took it all the way back down to Roller Coaster. Wow, what a awesome time that was. It was washed out, off camber, steep, and leaf covered. A perfect formula for fun! I ended the ride on V and cut my rear tire in the ledges. Great ride.

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Weekend Update

The beginning of last week was terrible. I got some sort of throat infection and I slept most of Tuesday and Wednesday. It was nice to have a break from work, but I hated to sit inside and rest. Anyway, Thursday was the annual family picture in Oneida and as always it was…. well its always the same.

In the afternoon Darby (my cousin) and I took our boys out for an adventure. We hiked around the Big South Fork, threw rocks in the river, and generally had a fun time. It was cool to expose my son to what Darby and I did a kids. Later in the evening my Dad, my uncle and I took the Cruiser out to explore some old 4wd trails. We found some dandys. I was having way more fun that Jim and my Dad. They seemed nervous. But the Cruiser had it well under control. I wanted to turn around and climb what we descended, but we ran out of light and headed back on the road.

On Friday Poston, Webb, James, Josh and I worked on the campground loop trail up at Windrock. We have a good plan for this winter and the trail is shaping up very nicely.

Saturday we headed over to Windrock for what turned out to be an excellent day of DHing. The air temps were a little cold, but the trails were in fine shape. The crew consisted of Joey, Josh, James, a couple from APP State, Todd, and of course the Louisiana boys. What a great day.

Sunday Meghann and I headed off to off-road in Windrock. She drove us up 22 and I tried my skills at Trail 13 and 12. 12 had us scrapping axles and a getting in a little over our heads. A lift and some slider protection will help, but we’ll need Roger on this one.

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I found the cure to the one-ups

Just go out and ride what you got.

I had been fighting the one-ups for a new woods bike. I thought I wanted a 450xcf (4-stroke) just like Terry and Devin. Then on Sunday I raced my 250xc (2-stroke) at the Volunteer Hare Scramble in Bybee, TN. It cured me and made me thankful for my crazy, high strung two stoke. The course is mix of fast with a few crazy narrow sections, off camber, and a couple fun jumps. For the most part the trail is a lot of fun except two sections that are made ridiculously hard with a bunch of gappers clogging up the track. Because I only do a few races a year I don’t hold a license I have buy a one day that lumps me in a catch all class called Heavy Trail. I don’t know if that signifies the size of the entrants or what but this class has everyone from A to C and beginners. The real kicker is we start last and I have the task of trying to pass everyone I can on the trail. As I said starting this far back I get stuck in traffic jams as riders get to sections a little over their skill levels. Oh well passing them in the sections is part of the fun. Anyway I finished 75 out of 155 and 3rd in my class. My lap times where 52, 43, and 47 minutes. The first lap I sent a lot of time waiting in line to clean sections and the third lap I was just surviving. The second I was in the groove.

I keep telling myself I’m going to do more of these but they are the hardest thing I have ever done and I don’t immediately look forward to the next. But after every one I don’t feel as bad as the previous.


One more

Fabien Barel: Mojo Trail Diaries – More Mountain Bike Videos


Semenuk in Utah

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Gee on the 1:04

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Get Ready

Spent some time last night to get the 250XC ready for a race this Sunday. I replaced a front flat tube, reversed my back tire, re-bled the rear brake, and cleaned the air box. I have been fighting the one-ups bad. Devin and Terry got new 450XCs and I want one bad. I’d ride my 530, and I want to bad, but I bought it to be a commuter. So I don’t want to ride it in the woods and rip off license plates, lights, mirrors, etc when I have a perfectly fine woods bike. The pipes on two-strokes just aggravate me. A pipe can last undented for only a month or so with me. Boo.


Total Badass

David Knight is THE total badass. Just look how he rides. Nothing fancy or for show, just all out.

Rode Norris with the Killer last night. I didn’t last too long at his pace. Never can. But I separated out and did two runs up High Point and finished with Ridgecrest. The leaves were super fun. Needless to say I blew a few corners.

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Sliders required?

Took another afternoon trip to Royal Blue but this time with Joey after a few soggy runs at Windrock in the morning. Tried the Sand Minds again and as I expected, didn’t make it too far. The rocks are beyond slick when wet. So we turned back and did a bit of exploring. Found one unmarked trail that was really cool and took Muse Mtn Rd all the way to Straight Fork Rd. I really like that one. Its kinda of pitiful that the only rear wilderness we have close is the Windrock/North Cumberland area. Luckily for me though, its within 30 minutes drive for me. I have a goal to explore all of it I can either on the 530, the Mbuzi, or in the Land Cruiser.

Royal Blue Off-Roading

EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Tennessee

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Not so easy

Rode Concord last night. I had such a good ride the other night at Haw, I thought I was strong and could slash anything. Then came Concord. Its great for cornering skills and sprinting. Its hard to just settle in and grind out miles there. It just begs to be ridden at max heart rate in the red. Last night I was done before I began. But it was good to burn a few calories and to practice corners. My favorite thing right now is two finger braking. Concord is so tight that its almost best to just back into every corner. I start the rear into a slide and then use the front to control the entry and exit. When it works, I LOVE IT!

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