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Norris Day/Night Ride

Met up with Ben, Brian, Jeremy, Carl, Jon, and Thomas for a ride at Norris. What a great ride. I usually ride by myself, because of scheduling (either that or no one wants to ride with me). But riding with a group is always better. We did a few out of the norm trails and had a great time. I was a little surprised at my riding amongst some hammers. I out biked everyone there by a few pounds and head angle degrees and of course sans clips. I don’t complain, that’s how I prefer it. Can’t wait until the next one. Oh yeah, Carl said Brian Tankersly said ‘hello’. Too bad that guy doesn’t ride anymore.

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Broken waterpump gear while reassembling to fix kick starter shaft. Bad deals come in groups. My xc bike was out with 3 broken spokes, my dh bikes is out with dented lowers, and now my woods moto is out with a broken gear. Luckily I had the 530 xcw. That thing is a tractor in the woods. 60 miles round trip from house which included singletrack, lots of doubletrack, waterbars, and some gravel.

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Wyatt got a new bike

He had been asking for pedals for awhile. He hasn’t taken too it just quite yet. But he has been progressing well.

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Technical Shuttle

Todd and I on a technical 30 minute trail bike descent.

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Trials Training Center

This was the make up to the race canceled earlier in the summer due to a rain storm. What a great time.

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New bits

Got a new tank, skid plate, and radiator cooling fan. I need to get this thing dirty already.

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The Beach, not Beech

Trip to Charleston, SC

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Wendesday Night MTB ride

Meghann and I did a loop around Haw Ridge in near perfect conditions. It was super dry, dusty, and loose. While it was still warm the humidity was low, so it was about perfect. I have been running my Fast Trak tires from Specialized. They offer fast rolling with extremely predictable handling. They don’t have a ton of traction, but they break loose very predictably and slide with in a controlled manner. My favorite descent of the evening was down Rainbow. Its full of turns. When it works I lock of the rear and get it break free. Using my hips and feet I push the back of the bike to over steer. Then I use the front brake to control the entry and exit of the turn. When I did it right I could hear the roost raining through the outside of the turn. Awesome.

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