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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Top 3

New best at Snowshoe. 3rd. Bear in mind that the competition is not as good. In 2006 and 2007, the top 5 would be Geritt, Trevyn, Herndon, Jamie Ford, Tim Price, etc. Now-a-days you rarely get Herndon and Geritt at the same race and Tim has been sidelined with an injury all summer. So a … Continue reading »

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Met up with Devin and a few others for a loop around Duncan’s Flat. Additionally it was Mark, Brandon, and a father/son duo who ride motocross. Devin and I were the slowest of the bunch. Just the ride up the 4wheeler road to the singletrack was wild. The youngest motocrosser threw a huge whip/scrub over … Continue reading »

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Dirty Bird 2 was this weekend. Joey and I traveled in the Excursion as usual and we found Saturday morning conditions to be kinda tacky, but mostly greasy. The new track was steep, twisty, had two new rock gardens, and a billion western North Carolina roots. Combined with the damp conditions, it was hard to … Continue reading »

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The future

So I have been doing some thinking and I think next year I will do less racing and more traveling. For the past 5 years I have been pretty dedicated to the DH race scene. I never had disillusions that I would make the WCs. However to try and qualify for a WC was on … Continue reading »

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Water Logged

The past couple of weeks have been super busy with work. I have been working hard to meet my deadlines. Working for a small start up has tremendous upside, but in the short term it can be a lot of work. Anyway, Wednesday I had plans with Devin to ride at Duncan’s Loop at 6. … Continue reading »

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Can you guess what Wyatt likes doing?

He loves bikes and acting goofy.

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Boat Ride

Monday evening we loaded up on the boat and went for a ride. I guess Norris was releasing water because the water was clear and very cold. It was very refreshing.

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Suspension Characteristics

Lack of Rebound Symptoms: o Forks are plush, but increasing speed causes loss of control and traction o The motorcycle wallows and tends to run wide exiting the turn causing fading traction and loss of control. o When taking a corner a speed, you experience front-end chatter, loss of traction and control. o Aggressive input … Continue reading »

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What causes people to take up two parking spots by straddling the line and to park in handicap spots when they are not handicap? It’s sad to think most people think we live a quality life.

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Another full day

So Saturday was supposed to be another Beech race. Going into the end of the week, I just wasn’t feeling the race. Its kind of odd, but with so many races available to the SE now the scene is kind of diluting its self. Its about a 2.5 hr drive for me and I had … Continue reading »

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