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110 Laps

With the track in superb condition I decided to ride local last night. I did a total of 110 laps. I would do 10 laps on the outer loop, then another 10 on the inner loop, then swap directions and repeat. In between I worked on manualing as many roller as I could. I woke up a little sore this morning.

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Blue Groove

Mark came over last night to set the sag on the KX250 and ride my pump track. As he pulled up, it started to rain. Thanks. But we worked for a bit to push all the silt back up on the berms and rollers. When the track is dry it turns to dust and then rain settles the dust down in the low spots, slowly eroding the track. Last night the moisture content was perfect for fixing this constant chore. After we worked on the dirt bikes we went back out and took a few laps. As we rode, the dirt packed back in a almost blue grooved the track to perfection.

I also bought a small 5000 BTU window AC unit for my shop. Why did I wait so long? Its like a meat locker in there now. Perfect.

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Snowshoe #2 Race

Race Course – Hareball.
Result – 4th place.
Pace – 0.6 seconds off 3rd.

Back in 2008 we raced this course and I was on for a burner of a run. I was fit, aggressive, and having fun. I flatted in the rock garden and still ended up 11th. last year, in 2009, we ran it again but in miserable conditions (rain, fog, mud). This year the course was a little greasy Saturday morning but as practice wore on through out the day, it dried out quite well. There was, however, a spring muddying up the track just before the main rock garden. There is a baller line to gap into the section, but you have to land on a knife edge and with greased up tires, it was iffy. Last year it was good to go. Not so this year. One run down I wasn’t confident at all, so I tried to roll into the section and I hung up and flipped over the bars. I hit hard and rung my bell quiet good. I had been going 50/50 into the gap and it was kinda working. But not being able to land where I needed to, I was getting forced to the left and I was scraping my left foot against some rocks and I figured it wouldn’t work for much longer. So I altered my line to the safe line. I was fast, just not cool. The rest of the track was good. As usual, Snowshoe is about strategy, strength, skill, and endurance. I have ok base strength but not a whole lot extra. I think my skill is up there to consistently be in the top 5. My endurance is again ok, but nothing extra to put me on the top spot. I think my strategy has come on lately and its what have been keeping me up in the results. Now if I could put it all together one of these days…

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Typical Sunday

Typical Sunday – More Mountain Bike Videos


Found some dirt

Left the house and drove up and over Walden Ridge. Spit some gravel and went down a short dirt trail. I need to set sag and my suspension, but this is going to be fun!


.MOV files!!!!!!

Tried to make a movie from Sunday’s action and Corel Video Pro kept crashing on me. As I researched on the internet it seems to be related to .mov files which are the native container for the files on the ContourHD. Well, that was the exact reason I bought Corel. It was supposed to handle these files and it did, for awhile at least. Then I upgraded from x12 to x13. I have made 3 or 4 successful movies in the same format but for some reason now it just crashes during rendering no matter what settings I used. Most help says to convert my .mov files to something else before I start editing. That sort of defeats the purpose I bought Corel for. Plus I am worried about quality loss.

Anyway, I rode the 530 over to Chris Heplers house to put some more miles on it and stopped by the gym on the way home.

Not much else going on with the ground being so wet.


KTM 530 xcw

Full blown woods dirt bike with blinkers, headlight, taillight, mirror, and DOT tires. This is for to commute on. Or so I have told Meghann ;) . I have had a 1989 Vulcan 750 to commute on for about 2 years. To be honest I just never gelled with this style of bike. In secret I have been dreaming about a dual sport bike for some time. The problem was that I had come to expect the quality of a KTM and most Jap dual sport bikes just lacked the finish and power. But I figured most KTM dual sports would be out of my price range. Meghann and I talked and with all the extra work I have been doing on the side we figured to just splurge. Hopefully the increased zeal to commute on the bike and its 50 mpg will also help to offset the initial cost. But in the end its just money and I was saving a lot for just something like this.

On the way home from picking up the bike Wyatt just had to wear my helmet. He rode the entire 40 minute drive home like this.


A day in the life of me

9am – dirt biking with Terry, Devin, Ben, Jay, Jeff and myself.

noon – DH runs with Charlie, Clayton, Todd, and Buddy.

4pm – wash dirt bike, swap DH bike for jump bike, hang out with Meg while Wyatt finishes nap.

6 pm – pump track and hot dogs at Mark’s with Mark, Wyatt, Travis, Meghann, and Billie.

Pump Track July 18, 2010 from Mark Billingsby on Vimeo.

10 pm – bed

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Haw ride shorted by mechanical

Short evening ride, shortened even more by a sliced sidewall on my rear tire. I put two tube patches on the inside of the tear and limped back out, slowly.

Haw Ridge (7-15-10 7-22-33PM)

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Anderson County Fair

Last year we stumbled upon the county fair and we had a pretty good time. So this year we watched and looked forward to it. Last night it was 2 and 4 wheel drive truck pulling, but we went for the rides, petting zoo, and people watching. Wyatt got a little in the spirit after we rode the bumper cars and he realized he could get involved. But his favorite part may have been the funnel cake.