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He is learning so quick

and I am quickly getting a great riding partner.

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2010 Snowshoe #1

I had not planned to ride at Snowshoe on Friday, but with no locals around to shuttle with at Windrock I took the opportunity to ride with friends Kenan and Ben Gidney. I took my time to pack up and get on the road Thursday evening. I didn’t leave until around 8pm and I got to Lewisburg around 1:30am. I parked at the Walmart and climbed in the back of the Excursion and went to bed. I was back up and finished the last hour of the trip before 9am.

Friday’s riding was great. The conditions had been dry. The dirt was tacky and fast. We took our time and did a few runs down the race course and a few of the other tracks. I felt fast and up to speed rather quickly but looking at the course I knew endurance would be the key so I took it easy and didn’t over do it.

By Saturday Geritt had shown up and we did some practice runs. Geritt is having an off year and I was pleased to lead him down a few sections. The last section is super fast with few turns and I was able to put a pretty big gap on him in one practice run. It boosted my confidence but again I knew the race wasn’t going to be won by pinning it. I estimated the course was going to be 5+ minutes and there was a huge long pedally section in the middle. I knew I needed to stay smooth and under control up top, then stay consistent in the middle and then hang it out at the bottom. On Sunday I did 2 practice runs. I knew my lines and had my strategy. Now I just needed to stick to it. It was so easy to get carried away up top and get tired too quickly. In my race run I washed out in one turn but recovered well and stuck to my plan. I ended up getting 6th. I am very happy with that. I could have only advanced with more strength and endurance. My skill is up there enough to even win. But a DH race is much more than skill.

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this is cool

Los Alamos Trip Time Lapse – More Mountain Bike Videos

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How do you do it?

To all you fast guys out there, how do you train? It seems like its so hard to get in consistent riding and training around these parts. With the weather and few other pinners around it seems like I am always riding by myself. Boring. Does everyone else just ride by themselves too or is it just me?

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No fooling

No more fooling around on the big stuff anymore. Stihl Farm Boss with 20″ blade


Bored at work

Here is a picture of my bikes at work. I have to bring both because no matter my plans someone always cancels and I have to have a fallback. I even have a fallback for my fallback. I brought tools to work on trails.

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To trailer or not.
To Sprinter van or not.
To do nothing or not.

We used to have a toy hauler a couple years ago. In theory it was great. It had electricity, heat, ac, frig, beds, and a hot shower. In practice it was a disaster. The roof leaked, every winter the pipe froze even though I ‘winterized’ it, and it was a bohemiath to pull. The quality was so pitiful I just wanted rid of it even though hot showers were luxurious.

Recently my dad gave my his old Excursion. Its great to travel in. It has 4wheel drive, has plenty of room for the family (dogs included) and gear. The down side is once its parked it doesn’t offer much. We have been looking at Sprinter Vans, but that means I would have to sell the Excursion and then seek out and buy a van. I don’t want a note on a vehicle so that means a used one. That introduces the possibility of getting a lemon or a find. Its a gamble. Who knows how hard the fleet driver abused it.

Another option is an enclosed trailer. I could outfit it with rooftop AC, install my own lights, inverter, and entertainment system. I have seem some trailers that look great. But is that best for us? How many weekend trips would make it worth it over our current setup of an EZup and tent.



Mud at your local trails?

Then ride Walden. Even after a rain this is all the mud my legs got.

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I follow this guy on Mpora. Mpora has a real nice iPhone app which plays the videos in its own player. Great for wasting time. What I wonder is how guys like this do what they do? This guy is from NZ and he travels to races all over the world. He obviously slums from race to race but it looks like a good time, but I wonder where he gets his money. Is it true that most all pro mtb athletes are trust fund kids?

WynTV in the UK >>

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Tennessee 1 Day for me

First I have to say something about those guys that can go the distance. The Devins, the Jeffs, etc. Good for you.

I am just not built physically or mentally to go 50 miles. My whole biking career has been about going hard, fast, and allout. On a dirt bike that is usually 20-30 minutes. I can throttle down slightly and extend that to 2 hrs for a hare scramble. But just barely. The Tennessee 2 Day is a 50 mile loop on Saturday followed by a 40 mile loop on Sunday. I have done 67 miles in a day before but it had a lot of gravel roads and 4×4 trails. The 2 Day is 50 miles of pure single track. Maybe 2-3 miles of fast double track. I had plans all along to only ride on Saturday. I wanted to get back and not kill myself for Snowshoe this weekend. And just like last year I started to cramp heavily around mile 30. I tried all week to drink water and get hydrated but I think on Saturday I should have started out with Gatorade instead of water. At the lunch stop I tried to drink a lot of water to get ahead, but all I ended up doing was bloating myself to the point where I think I was going to get sick. So at mile 35 or so I sat down and just survived the remaining 15 miles. Ugh. I hate “losing” but I need to be true to my strengths and long distances are not my strengths.

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