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High and Dry at Norris

Since the afternoon “screw you” was bearing down on Haw yesterday I headed away from the rain and to Norris. Glad I did. Up to the Observation point, down to Spooky and back up to the observation point, then down Eagle to MM 7. All without stopping on my 6″ do it all bike. Short and sweet. Flats, adjustable seat post, DH suspension, and Metallica. It was a great ride.

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New Tent

After looking around we got this.

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Culture Shock

Made my annual trip to a Sun Down in the City. Wow, I am way behind on what today’s youth is up too. But its a shame because they look stupid and act even stupider.

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I think this is a early DH race back in the day. But they must be racing it sight unseen. Maybe we should do this at a few races this year.

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XC, DH, and Moto. Anything else?

Friday I left work early to take a busted moto pipe to have it fixed. Once I got home I saddled up and rode down to Haw Ridge. I was still pretty tired from Wednesday’s moto ride, but I had a nice easy ride to spin the legs out. That new fork and raked out headset are terrible at Haw. I have to find some all-travel spacers to reduce the travel. Around 8 pm a big storm rolled thru and we watched it from the porch. Lighting was really close and I always enjoy watching storms.

Saturday morning I got up early and headed off to Windrock to clean up some of the trails. The Windmill trails were overgrown and a few tree were down. After almost 2 hours I made it down and suited up to get in a few runs. I am starting to feel fast on my bike again and I am feeling the fire to pin again. I didn’t do any full runs at race pace but I didn’t do too much stopping and I am getting my suspension dialed in. By the afternoon I was hooking up and it was feeling really, really good. Wrapped up the day with some Capt. Tom’s BBQ and watched a movie with Meghann after Wyatt went to bed.

Sunday I met up with Rick and Devin for a moto ride at Lake City. We had got another storm on Saturday evening and it deterred others from riding. But they really missed out. The dirt was magic. I only see days like that once or twice a year. I ducked out around noon and headed home to hang with Wyatt and Meghann.

What a great weekend. No serious injuries. I did go over the bars in a bad crash on the my moto and my knee is pretty sore from banging the stem.

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Yep that’s seven Makulus.


Out of control, more than usual

So Wednesday evening I met up with Devin and Brandon to do a few laps at Duncan’s. Brandon is a top B racer and quite quick. I have, sort of, ridden behind hind him before and I was stoked to do it again. I could hang with him, temporarily. Then the mistakes I was making and he wasn’t put time between us. I was never far behind, but it was obvious he’s much faster. Its funny when you ride over your head you tend to react and not think too much. That is a good thing.

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Before the rain

Left work early (3:45) because I stayed to 6:30 on Friday evening. I had to swing by Tennessee Watercraft to pick up some hardware to debug for the never ending project. On my way home I swung by Haw to get in a as much riding as I could before the rain. I have replaced my U-Turn Lyrik with a solo air version that also has the new Mission Control DH damper. I have never been super impressed with the Mission control damper. It didn’t have enough low speed damping and just seems over matched for anything high speed. The new DH version is much improved and to my extreme delight actually has low speed damping. No more brake dive and blown corners! Unfortunatelly I got the 170mm version because Richard had one lying around. I know how to drop the travel down to 160mm and I will be shortly. Couple the 170mm with an additional 1.4 degree slacker head angle due to my prototype Cane Creek slacker headset this bike was a terrible climber. But on the downhills it was just like my DH bike. Of course this bike has little use at Haw Ridge, but since I got rid of my Shova its my XC bike. I still don’t regret getting rid of the Shova in lieu of the Mbuzi, but I’d give it all up for a 4″ Shova. ;) While its immense over kill for Haw and the like, this bike does allow me to train well for DH racing. Muscling and pedaling this bike at a place like Haw prepares me well for riding my DH bike at places like the TTC and even Snowshoe. It works well for 1 hour hammer fests. Stay out of the seat, hammer the corners and bomb the DH sections.

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Check out the fork compression.

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Second Race, Same Result

Saturday Geritt, James and I headed down to the Trials Training Center to compete in a small grass roots race. They held a race there last year and it was a sloppy mud fest with lots of pedaling. This year’s course had been rerouted and was a marked improvement. In fact it had enough burl added to warrant a full on DH bike to do well. I’m glad I took my Makulu and not my Mbuzi. The open class did a combined time format, which was fun and unique. It rewarded consistency over a ‘lucky’ run. I finished 4th behind Geritt, Ethan, and Matt Griffin. Matt has been so close for a long time and its good to see him win some money. I was happy however that I beat Chris Wyatt who finished 5th. He is a natural pinner and I am always happy to beat him. I had a slow, consistent first run. I haven’t been on my bike a lot this year and haven’t done many ‘race’ runs so I was a little too conservative. On my second run I opened it up a little and was much happier with my effort. However I ran up on a dislodged rock and came off the bike. It wasn’t a full on crash but it slow me down quite a bit. Eventhough, I think my second run was faster than my first run. We’ll see when the full results are posted tonight.

Then on Sunday Geritt and I did some training runs with the new Junior on the team Max Morgan. It was his first time at Windrock and he did great. I was impressed with his abilities to sight read trails and not get scared.

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