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102 miles, crawfish, and a few OTBs

Friday I headed up to Windrock to meet up with Loo and his band of goons from New Orleans. I did a few DH runs and was really out of sorts. I went over the bars in Southern Rocks 4 times in 2 runs. Not a good sign. I am having problems with consistency on my Makulu and I don’t know what the source is.

Friday night we boiled up 60 lbs of fresh crawfish from Louisiana and it was really, really good. I know I have never had any better.

Saturday myself, Chris Wyatt, Karl, Spazwell, Rams, Devin, Harkelrode, Terry, Mark, Tim, Doug Capps road 67 miles around Duncans, Red Oak, and Browns. At times we were moving and at other times we were really moving.

A few of us learned to jump the pond. As always it never as hard as it seems. But we look really stupid doing it.

Untitled from Ben Ramsbottom on Vimeo.

On Sunday myself, Wyatt, Karl and Spazwell headed to Lake City to finish the tour of our moto trails. Lake City is 35 miles of tough off cambers, steep climbs, even steeper descents, and nasty ridge lines. I have some video to post up, but it will take me some time to sort through the 16 GB of video.

Needless to say, I am beat this morning.


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