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Getting back on it.

Wow. I have been super busy finishing up one project before I start full time at ABT, which is where I have been working 20 hrs/week since last May. The TWI project is reaching its conclusion and I have been swamped trying to get it done. I have been working 50+ hrs a week between the two and with so little play time I have concentrated my free time on the dirt bike. But last night I grabbed the trail bike and hit Haw Ridge. I’d like to have a degree in hydrology to understand how mud holes form. It seems there is no obvious reason for some deep ones out there. But overall the track was in really good shape. I can’t say the same for my skills however. Being off the trail bike has made me rusty when it comes to pinning. I hope to change that.

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Just watched the movie Moon staring Sam Rockwell. I don’t even remember this movie being out but it was excellent. I recommend.

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Lets ride the track!

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Wore Out

Monday – work at ABT til 5 then ride Windrock XC stuff til dark.
Tuesday – work on TWI project and then pump track with Wyatt and gym in the evening.
Wednesday – work at ABT til 4 then moto at Duncans with Ben and Devin til dark.
Thursday – work at TWI til 5, more at home til 8:45, then gym til 10.
Friday – work at TWI til 2, then home and ride moto with Geritt til dark.
Saturday – DH at Windrock all day with Geritt.
Sunday – up early to hit moto before rain starts around 1:00. Home and nap with Wyatt.

Good thing its raining today. I need some rest before back in the gym tomorrow.

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New Toy!

Got a new heart rate monitor to help with my training. I’m trying to train such that I don’t have to spend hours a week on the trail bike building in miles. I am following the James Wilson MTB Strength program, which concentrates workouts with interval training and gym time.

I also picked up a 2008 KTM 250XC. My 200 has been great but I think I wanted a longer bike and the 250 offers a longer cockpit. So I shouldn’t look like a bear on a circus bike anymore.

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First ride of the year

Okay I tried MPORA since Youtube cuts out music tracks and I’ve exceeded my weekly upload for HD movies at Vimeo. However the ads on MPORA is a deal killer. I didn’t realize it was going to do that. Now I am trying Vholdr’s community.


Video Update

GeorgiaMX from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

Sedona Sun from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

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