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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Florida Down Time

It seems like I could never find time to take Meghann on a proper vacation without a bike race squeezed in. So we are here in Shalimar, Fl just relaxing and viewing the sites.

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Surprise December Dirt

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Kids do the craziest things

He loves getting in this.

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Some riding vids

Windrock DH Snakerock Trail from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

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Rain —> Snow

So I am here in the walmart parking lot waiting on Devin. We are heading to ride Brimestone and it’s in the upper 30s and dumping buckets. Which is to change over to snow later. I’ll let you know how bad of an idea this was later. So, as expected, it went from rain to … Continue reading »

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Mr. Mom

So Meghann, her mom and aunt went to New York City for a little trip and stayed here to watch Wyatt. It’s been challanging and even more so with all the wet weather. So today we loaded up and went to the Oak Ridge skatepark.

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