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We are legends in our own minds.

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Wood Duck Killin It!

Check out time stamp 134.

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Ok, so after 4 days of riding DH and now two days of riding nothing I am hurting bad for some off-road riding. I dropped $300 in the KTM shop yesterday on parts for routine maintenance. Bearings, rear tire, grips, chain, sprockets, fluids, etc. We have a 90 mile ride planned for the weekend after next and I need to have the 200 in top performance mode if I want to hang with everyone.

I also washed my DH bike and swapped some bars around on my other bikes. I now have 29″ bars on both my DH bike and my Mbuzi. I moved my old 28″ lowrise bar from the Mbuzi to the Shova. That should help speed that bike up in the corners.

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Wood Duck and Sam Hill from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

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The Good Stuff

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Ok, so here is 57,00 words. Some of them are a bit messed up. I will work to fix them up.


US Open 2009

So, I wouldn’t say I have many friends, but I would say I have some of the best friends. It was said on this trip that the reason we all get along so well is that we can be who we are around each other. No pretending. That was what this annual trek to Yankee land was for us this year. No pretenders allowed. First, the race. It is what is always is for me. A big goose egg. I never race my best there. Its a short course and with finish times under 3:00 it requires precise lines and minimal mistakes. Never of which I have. So anyway, I had a great time and wouldnt trade anything. Here are a few riding pics I snagged from Sicklines

More to come…

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Catching Up

So a few things have happened since my last update. First, it has been raining and raining a lot. We went from an inch or so under to an inch or so over for total rainfall. Anyway Bhann, Devin and I headed off to try out another trail bike route in the Lake City area. It was wet and we had a pretty good time. Here are a few shots from the trip. I think my Mbuzi is too small for me. I need to find someone to sell the frame to so I can pick up a large.

After this ride in the morning I headed off to the DH trails to test Chris Wyatt’s (Specialized’s tire engineer) new mud tire. First impression on a wet, slippery Windmill is that it is really good. Even on the hardpack.

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