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What to do?

So here is the problem…

DH or moto?

I have raced DH for the past 4 years and I have had some great times. I have accomplished a lot and I have left a lot too be accomplished. But, I have reached a sort of mental burn out. I have ridden the same training DH trails over and over and I’m just bored with practice and training. However, if I can get up for a race I maintain a condition and skill level to be some what competitive without doing much. My option for races this year is like most, US Open, Snowshoe Series, Carter Lake Series, Massanutten, Clemson, Wolf, Paris. That is about 13 races with an average drive is close to 5-6 hours one way and usually a minimal two day investment.

On the other hand take a look at this… Hare Scramble Schedule. That is approximately 100 races between now and Xmas, 83 under 6 hours away, and 24 under 3 hours away. Plus its drive up and race. No practice and no one run and done. Races usually start at 10am and are over by lunch.

What would you do, please comment?


Wyatt playing in the yard

Wyatt gets the sticker from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

Wyatt’s Slide from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.


Meg’s First Singletrack

I took Friday off. The parent company I work for has decided to close its Knoxville’s business address and has laid off 3 out of the 5 folks that worked ouyt of this office. Luckily I can do software from anywhere so for now I still have a job. Anyway, I decided to take Friday off after the announcement on Thursday. I did some yard work around the house with Meghann since W was on his first stay over with grandma and grandpa in Townsend. This was W’s first over night, so it was a big occasion for both Meghann and I, as well as W and the grandparents. Anyway, after a couple trips to the Greenwaste Recycling Center for mulch and spreading it in the yard, Meg and I loaded up our motor bikes and headed up to Lake City to do some riding in the late afternoon.

The sky was as blue as can be and the views where incredible. We also had the opportunity to see a small herd of elk numbering around 12 a couple of times. We kept circling them on this small piece of singletrack off the Caryville Flats. It was really cool to see what very few in Tennessee have.

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Devils Backbone shuttle

Yesterday Ben, James, Kenan and myself had had enough of the rain and decided to just get out and make something happen. I had done the Devils Backbone trail once before and I was fairly certain it wouldn’t be too wet because of where it was and the local soil. I was right, the track was loamy and leafy, but really fun. Really glad we went. Not too much riding but lots of beer and fun.

There was MOREwood to say the least.

Here Ben contemplates and looks through the mist to find the TRUE meaning of riding

Kenan walks his flat rear tire through the creek

Kenan instructs Ben on how the local flora sustains the local fauna

And here is a shredtastic vid of the day.

Devils Backbone from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

The Devils Shlong from Ben Ramsbottom on Vimeo.


Geritt giving us a education

Geritt Beytagh Training from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

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Cold ride

Did a tour of IC Queen yesterday afternoon. It was great in some places and pretty soupy in others. Riding in the cold makes air suspension feel really bad. :(

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Interesting thing I noticed at the Mid South Hare Scramble Championships. So because I thrashed my bike and pushed myself to complete the two hour mudfest, I was bound and determined to pic up my plaque for 3rd place. As they started to call out the classes, names and placed I noticed there was no podium, no podium kits and no flashes. Just a simple roll call and a simple thanks for racing.

Makes me wonder why, as mountain bikers, we do this…