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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Only if…

Our local XC trails were like this. From Scott’s camera…

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I can’t believe there is a race this weekend

So the annual Icycle race is this weekend at Fontana Village. I usually swill a six pack during practice and then feel really crappy for my race run. Good times huh? Anyway, this year has been a little different for me as I approach the end of January. I rode almost constantly last year through … Continue reading »

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Keep Exploring

So Devin and I keep exploring more of the Windrock’s property for the good stuff and we have found the cash cow. So far we have ~15 miles at Brown’s Flat and ~20 miles at Duncan’s Flat. We kept hearing that there was triple that up above Lake City and I’d saw we are on … Continue reading »

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Last duck hunt of season

As I have said many, many times I have too many hobbies. I guess that is better than just watching TV. But with the cold weather forecasted I set aside a long weekend to hunt with my dad down in North Alabama and SE Tennessee. We have hunted Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro, AL for about … Continue reading »

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I suck….

I suck up rocks. Again, another Damian banger. He may not think so, but I do. This was at a Snowshoe race two years ago. Its doesn’t seem that long ago, but I guess it is. This can be an awkward rock just in a hard right hand turn into a jump. I tried to … Continue reading »

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The Redhead

We have been looking for this guy for a couple years.

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Durhamtown Plantation

So Devin, Forrest, Ben and I had planned to team up and race the 8hr hare scramble down in Sparta, Ga. The weather didn’t look too good, so Ben backed out as we packed up (don’t think too harsh of him…). Since Durhamtown Plantation OHV Park was close by the race venue, we planned to … Continue reading »

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