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Moto Mud Training

After aborting Duncan’s loop on Thursday due to dark, Devin and I tried again. We started out in overcast and ended in the rain. All in all it was a good time. I am liking mud riding.

Wyatt is so cool.

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Winter Ritual

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Nickajack Duck Hunt

My dad and I got up at 3am and traveled down to Nickajack Lake to hunt some diver ducks on Sunday. The air temperature was in the upper 20s, but with the windchill it was cold. Isabella got pretty cold and was too excited about retrieving all the ducks we were dropping. The day seemed like every other bad day of duck hunting we have done before but something was different. We got one at daylight and then moved early morning to find the ducks. Once we found them we moved in and let them come back to us. Slowy the dropped in all day. We ended up ten, two shy of a full limit. Eight ringnecks and two mallards.


Tellico OHV

Saturday Devn, Forest, and I headed down to check out the Tellico OHV area outside Tellico Plains. The trail reminded me a lot of Windy Gap down in Georgia. Mostly double track with lots of water bars and a small, but good loop of small atv double track. Trail 10, which was atvs and motorcycles only was pretty good. It was tight and winding in places and much longer than I thought it would be. There were some interesting trail closures that lead to some dead ends, but on a motorcycle with a engine there is no such thing as a wasted dead end.

Forest at Tellico from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

Devin at Tellico from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

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Moto ride

Here is a pic I found of ride Ben, Forest and I did. The ride included Duncan’s and Brown’s. Devin and I are heading out to do a night ride at Duncan’s tonight. Should be fun.

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Gobbler DH Race

So this past weekend was the first annual Gobbler Race at the Headwaters Adventure Center just outside Bevard, NC. The race was put on by the same folks that do the Icycle (Wes D and Herndon). I alwasy enjoy the Icycle, so I thought I’d head over and do this race. There was a DS on Saturday and a DH on Sunday. A last minute catastrophe with the RV refrigerator prevented me from taking it as planned, so Joey and I headed over to stay at Geritt’s. His family had headed off to the coast for Thanksgiving and Geritt stayed behind to work on his bike park and do the race. We had a real good time regardless of the nasty weather conditions.

Morewood Bike Park from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

The DS course was uber steep and I usually get kicked in the first round. So I just left on my semi-slick tires and single rear brake. I didn’t even make it down the course in the lanes on my first run. Its a pretty technical course to begin with. Add my bike, my skills (or lack of), and muddy conditions and it was fun. I just brake slid all the turns and generally looked as goofy as possible. I didn’t register to race and Geritt got DQed in his qualifying run for missing a gate. So we headed off to the largest all you can eat buffet I have ever seen. I did pretty good at not over stuffing myself, but I did stuff a little.

After eating, we headed over to the Asheville Ag Center and watch a local indoor sx race. There were so many little kids racing. It makes me super impatient to get Wyatt on his first bike (BMX, MX, whatever). It also makes me want to get a used 125cc 2-stroke to play on.

Anyway, the DH race on Sunday was hard to get motivated for. It was in the low 40s and a cold steady rain. We did one practice run and called it good. For my race run, I just watlzed down and enjoyed myself. I could have gotten a little more up, but it was okay to just chill. Here are a few movies I took.

Joey’s DH run at the Gobbler 08 from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

Herdon Gobbler 08 from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

Here is a funny vid of Geritt trying to feed his parents chickens.

Little Jerry from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo.

All in all it was good, muddy weekend.

But this will make you think about living in Fourth and Gill

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