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Party Time

Meth Mouth08 from Geritt Beytagh on Vimeo

MethMouth from Geritt Beytagh on Vimeo

More Friday night of Meth Mouth party time pics…

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Best Meth Mouth To Date?

8 motorcycles and 15 bicycles…

Jeff Berm from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo

dirty berm from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo

The return of Bloch from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo

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Mommy’s little helper

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My dad’s new truck isn’t so new anymore

My Dad is in Wyoming hunting right now. Its 85 here, it doesn’t look that warm there…

Success. After missing a moose on his hunt in Canada a couple of weeks ago, dad took this small mule deer buck to get some meat in the freezer. He can now pack up and get on to South Dakota to hunt pheasants. Man I wish I was going.


First Night Ride of the Season

I headed off to tackle the Walden Ridge loop last night knowing I would be heading back in the dark, so I grabbed my head lamp(s). I bought a new battery pack online for an older 6V halogen light I had inherited. At the last minute I grabbed my old trusty Night Rider Digital Evolution 6V halogen just in case my new battery pack didn’t work. Good thing I did. More on that later. I left BK Motorsports at 6:00pm and got back just before 8:00pm. I probably rested a total of 20 minutes at various times on the course, but I needed it. The pump road section of trail is tough and steep. Once on the top of the ridge it took me a mile or so to get my legs responsive again after all the climbing and pushing up the pump road. I cleaned all but 4 of the climbs on the road. There is one I will probably never clean and I am OK with that. The other 3 I could probably climb if that was what I did, but I’m just not conditioned. I’m okay with that. Anyway, just before the end of the trail I noticed that my new/old lighting system was going dead. I was using both lights (one on the handlebar and the other on my helmet) so I just left it and descended on out to the car with my handlebar light. That old light that Meghann bought me in Texas around 2001 has been great. Lots of winter work hours burned off with that thing. Thanks Meg. It seems as if the new battery pack didn’t have a full charge. I have it on the charger and will try it again soon. But I love riding at night. You tend to just relax more and float over rough sections that you might over analyze in the daylight. Sort of like using The Force.

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Jasper learns what makes bike go

I rebuilt my dirt jump bike lastnight. It has been down for awhile and I have been missing the feel and fun of it. Of course right after I built it up I needed to test ride it, so I took a few laps around the pump track. Meghann walked by with Jasper and got tickled every time I made a lap. He was interested in the fun I was having for sure, so I stopped and let him play with the bike for a while.

Jasper spins the pedal from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo


Oh, Its on!


More Damian Goodness

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Carter’s Lake #2

Another great local, grassroots race like they all should be. Just a couple dudes in the woods having fun. After the last race there in June I have looked at racing different. I won 2 races at Carter’s last year and I went into the first race with a lot of unneeded pressure to win again. I rode over my head and crashed out on the first run and was all discombobulated on my second. I think it had a little to do with a bad tire choice, but mostly it was all in my head. This race I was was really low key and just about having fun. My first run was pretty sloppy and loose. I knew I could do a lot better, but I still was sitting second nearly 3 seconds behind Chris Wyatt. The others were about 2-3 seconds behind me. I figured one could make up the time, but not both. 2-3 seconds on a 1:30 minute course is a lot. So I thought I would slow down a little and find a little more flow. I ended up taking nearly 3 seconds off my time and almost caught Chris. Regardless I was really happy to finish how I did and I had a great time. I hope to have some pictures later, but nothing has shown up yet.

Okay so here are a few pic from the weekend.

Here we were fixing Jeff’s (aka Don Carlito) swingarm bolt. It had almost backed all the way out. We did some fine trail side engineering to get it back in a tighted.

Here “Voltron” adjusts his war controls.

“Voltron” in an excited state.

This was the first of the hike-a-bike sections. I don’t know if this section deteriorated to this point or if it was alawys this challenging. But we had to hand walk the bike here.

Hey you put that camera down and help.

Okay how many more folks can help?

Chris was a little too dirty for us, so we made him clean up.

Mothers, please tell you daughters to avoid guys like this.

Here is the only shot I have seen of Carter’s so far. I tried the “no kit” kit this weekend and I liked it. No pressure.

Anyways, trips like these and guys like this are the reasons why I just can’t get enough.


Walden Ridge Drop Vid

Okay, so I found Vimeo. This a really cool service. So expect to see more videos.

Ben and I when out to Walden Ridge last night. Ben shot a couple vids of me on the small rock drop just before the powerline crossing.

Walden Ridge 1 from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo

Walden Ridge 2 from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo

Walden Ridge 3 from Doug Ferguson on Vimeo

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