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Snowshoe #2

So after Snowshoe #1 I was burnt. I laid off my DH bike for a month and bought 2 dirt bikes. So going into this race I was relaxed and had a whole different point of view. I had not enjoyed a race since Snowshoe’s #3 race last year. But I was stoked on the course and was having fun. Racer Greg was back from the DL and we did some fun runs together. The course was arguably the most technical course Snowshoe has had since I started racing there in 2004 and I loved it. Not even on my race run did I feel tired or exhausted.

Last race I was tired and pretty disgusted in the dead hours before my race run on Sunday. I tried to save myself mentally and physically by not doing runs, but I really didn’t even want to be on a bike. But this Sunday I just kept doing run after run and was loving it. I hooked up with Trevyn and we were doing some fun, flowy runs down Ball N’ Jack, Sweet Dreams, Powerline, Ninja Bob, and Chainsmoke. So during my race run I was hitting all my lines and having a good time. I found that aggression again and I was taking some good risks and feeling good about them. I felt pinned. I took an aggressive line in the rocks and pinch flatted in Hareball. My tire didn’t go completely flat until I exited Hareball back on the slope. I pulled up slightly and then thought to myself I should just go for it. I finished out on the flat and pushed the I9 rim. To my surprise the thing is near perfect still. There is one small ding, but I had to look hard to find it. Big thanks to Jeff at Industry Nine. I ended up 11th with FLAT!. I super happy with that.

I stayed over Monday to ride some dirt bikes with Trevyn around his place in Slatyfork. We rode for a couple hours and I had a great time. I was a little worried about the famed Snowshoe mud. But I stayed upright and rode pretty well. I look forward to riding up there again.

Post flat picture… At least I turn heads.


National Champion!

Geritt is your current US National Champion in DH.

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Great weekend

This weekend is one of those weekends (actually all of them are) that makes me not want to return to work on Monday. Friday night Meghann and I took the street bike to see Hancock in Oak Ridge. Not a good movie IMO. But it was good to spend time with Meghann alone. On Saturday I drove up to Morristown and test rode a used KTM 200EXC from a guy off Craigslist. The bike was in great shape and came with an extra set of brand new tires. I decided to buy it and try it out. Wow, this bike is scary fast. It is a purebred woods race bike. It fast and need to be ridden angry or it will get angrier and toss you. Which it did a few times on Saturday afternoon. I spent some time Saturday afternoon riding and exploring Windrock with Matt and Loo for potential XC bike trails.

Sunday I DHed for the first time since the last Snowshoe race. I had been pretty burnt out on racing and the time off has been great. I was pretty sketchy the first run, but I got real comfortable fast and felt great. After some DH runs I took the KTM out and did a lap on Trails 1, 2 and 24.

After biking, I met up with Meghann, Jasper, and Dad for an afternoon on the lake. We took the boat out and had a good time. Japser and mommy start swimming lessons at the Oak Ridge Civic Center today.



This was probably a good night…

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World class pro?

Sorry Geritt, I had to…


Its working…

For those that know, its working.


Terry;s Pump Track


44 miles

Ben, Brian, and I headed out on Sunday for some play time. 44 miles later, we were whooped. However can you name a bigger ballr than Brian? This guy travels for whatever.



For those that know…


A lot to talk about

Just got this pic from Robert Seth. He snapped this as Ethan, Charlie and I were training last weekend at the Power Ade Series #1. Robert is the new up and comer and is grabbing some great shots. He won the Red Bull Shap Shooter comp at the US Open for the best picture taken during the competition.

Since I got beat down at Snowshoe by a lack of power pedaling, I thought I’d hit up the SORBA time trial series at Hastie Park. I think most guys were doing it in the 11 to 12 minute range. I could only manage a 14:21 on flats and my DJ bike with the seat jacked all the way up. Oh well, got something to work towards.

Meghann, Jasper and I went up to Oneida for the 4th of July lunch at my grandmother’s brother’s place. I grabbed this shot of Dad showing Jasper how to giver some throttle.

After eating Meghann and I headed over to Bandy Creek in BSF and rode the 6.2 mile Grand Gap loop. It was a really nice loop. No much elevation gain, but the views were grand and the trail was twisty.

Its a little late but here is the profile to the big 22 miler that we did a couple weeks ago in Windrock on trail bikes.