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Motorized Fun

Well, in an attempt to change up my routine and keep me fresh mentally for DH racing during the long season, I convinced myself to get a off road dirt bike. I searched around and found that I probably wanted the Honda CRF150F. They are about the size of a DH bike, cheap, and very reliable. I looked at used ones on Craigslist and Ebay. Used ones for going anywhere from $1500 to $1800. Southern Honda had brand new 2007s on closeout for $1999.99 marked down from $3200. I convinced Matt Wiz and Ben to get them as well. We picked them up on Saturday morning and so far I have put in about 6 hours of solid riding at Windrock. We hit trails 1, 2, 3, 4, 16, 19, 22, and 24. I love 1-2-24. I could hit that all day. The bike has power to spare and gobs of low end torque to scramble up speep rock ledges. But where I love this bike is in its size. I can just throw it around like its my DH bike. Trail 1 and 24 are so tight, I feel like I am cornering a Morewood Ndiza. I can officially say I am hooked.

I ordered some stiffer springs for the forks and MX boots. With a bike this low your feet take some abuse. I have a DH race at Snowshoe this weekend otherwise I’d be on this thing everyday.

Gotta love it! I’ll post some pics up soon, but its hard to stop riding and take shots.


Man Trip 1

Sorry for the long delay in updates. I have been uber buy with work and all my extra time is with Jasper, Meghann and riding.

This past Wednesday Karl and Chris Wyatt came up to my place for some local vacation time. Since fuel is getting ridiculous we have caned our Whistler trip plans for a couple local adventures instead. This trip was shuttling WR Wednesday evening, then a 22 mile XC ride in WR on Thursday, rafting on Friday, and a Carter’s Lake race on Saturday.

Wednesday night was great. Karl exited the time warp from Birmingham to Oliver Springs in an aqua marine man bikini and a luau shirt blowing the breeze. Chris brought new Specialized DH tires for all. We kept doing run after run. The last runs were close to 9pm and way too dark for safety’s sake.

Thursday was a 3 shuttle, 22 mile death march with 5000 ft of descending. We started down 7, to 3, to Rail Buggy to 39. We were to pick up the first shuttle there and drive back to the top of G6 and Trail 35. However Chris’s truck’s battery was DOA. Chris and Matt set off on bikes to find a jump while Karl, Joey and I cooled off in the creek. After an hour or so we off again. Trail 35’s descent is about 1700 ft and 2.7 miles of wide open dirt jeep road with rocks, boulders, and gigantic ruts. From there we went out Big Mtn Hollow Rd. to TN 62. We crossed 62 and headed up a pump service road towards Walden Ridge’s half way point were a singletrack gets you up on the ridge. The heat was almost unbearable and really took its toll. But we ended the ride with a sweet descent down Walden and a dip in the Clinch.

Friday we were supposed to do some more riding by we opted out for a day on the Occoee. Karl had a buddy that hooked us up with a sweet float down the lower section of the river. Meghann dropped Jasper off with her parents and joined us. It was good to send the day with her. She has wanted to raft together for year, so I was glad we got to go.

Saturday was the Carter’s Lake #1. It was hot. I crashed in my first run and just couldn’t put together a good second run. I don’t even know where I finished up, but I could have done better.

Here are a few pics

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