Is it too much to say that the last two nights of riding were the best all year?

Wednesday evening Ben, Loo, Josh, Joey, DJ and I rode Windrock. The dirt out there was the best we have seen it in probably 2-3 years. The drought has made it near impossible to get good loam dirt. But this night, it was perfect. I picked SS, Snakerock, Middle Finger, Spine, Ghetto as my race run. I pinned 4 “race” runs non-stop. I timed my self and tried different tactics to see what would shave time and what would lose time. As always smooth is better.

Last night I headed over to Haw around 6:30. With only my helmet, gloves and MP3 player I jumped on the bike and looped the perimeter counter-clockwise and headed up Rainbow, across to the convict trail and out from the Ridge, down Soccer. The dirt was unbelievable there as well. I was fully committing in corners and the bike was just hooking. It took me about an hour to make the lap, but I wasn’t in any hurry on the flats and ups. I climbed everything with no walking. On a 36t front chainring x 11-34 rear bike with 6″ of travel that is not too bad.