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Annual Atlanta SX Weekend

Since I moved back from TX back in 2003, I have gone down to Atlanta to hang out with friends and go to the SX race in the GA Dome. We have usually gone dirt jumping or to the skatepark, but this year we went XC riding. It was a good idea but due to the monsoon that Atlanta has been in lately the trail conditions sucked. Luckily the company is good enough that I’ll go most anywhere with these guys. Our mix of personalities is a good one and we laugh a lot. It was a little less fun though since Karl couldn’t make it, but he’ll make up for it on later trips.

We tried out Bull Mtn up in Dahlonega. It has a 14.5 mile loop with mixed single and double track. Bull Mtn peak is at 2340 ft and all the climbed had us excited about some potentially good descending. Unfortunaely, we lost most our our elevation on a gravel road. The trail conditions were muddy and I mean muddy. That kind of power sucking sponginess that makes things seem much worse that they are. Geritt and Chris Wyatt are in pretty good shape, so things were easy for them. Braswell, who is in good shape as well, and I wore flats and it made things tough. Ryan, who has probably never ridden that much XC, was on the “biggest” bike probably had the least fun. But we were glad he went.

There was a little double in the trail close to the top and we had fun sessioning it. I have a little vid I’ll post up soon.

The SX race was a snooze. The seats were incredible, but the track was a little too technical for the level of competition in attendance. Normally all or part of the crew heads out after for some ATL night life, but this year we were a little too tired, so we headed back to Ryan’s for drinks from his Keg-o-rater. Nice touch.

Sunday morning I got up early and headed home. I stopped by Raccoon for a quick loop. I have ridden Raccoon once before and have always wanted to try it again, but with fuel as expensive as it has been I just waited until it was on my way. It was cold when I started out, but the Sun came out and made the early afternoon warm and perfect. Raccoon is a great trail network and is a pleasure to ride. There is always something to do.

To finish things off, Meghann, Jasper, Domino and Isabella shuttled Loo and myself at Windrock yesterday afternoon. The trails were in great shape and full of new features. The only thing that could have made the weekend any better would have been some $0.30 wings at Spicy’s lastnight.


In focus

Jasper is starting to focus on objects. Before he just had a random stare. Now you can actually see him focus. Very cool.

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Ride to kill a cold

I met Matt Wiz and Devin at Haw lastnight for a short night ride. I haven’t ridden XC in quite some time with my fork being blown and my head cold. But head cold be damned I had to get out lastnight. It was a good easy paced ride around the perimeter. The dirt was a little muddy, but not too bad. I hate riding with guys that have HID lights. It washes out my wimpy 15W halogen. I tried to stay just ahead of Devin enough to separate the lights.

I got some shots of the lunar eclipse. They didn’t turn out that great, but I’ll post them later.

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Meghann, Jasper, and I headed over to NC to pick up my replacement fork for my Mbuzi on Saturday. Meghann and Jasper spent the day with Margo and I did a great ride with Richard, Geritt, Mike, and his girlfriend in Dupont State Forest. I have ridden in Dupont twice before. Its a nice place to ride, but it seems that not matter who is in the lead, a map is a must have.

I have had the crud for the last few days. My head feels like it is about to explode and blow snot everywhere. Other than sinus pressure and a splitting head ache I seem to be okay. I took a couple days off work which has been nice because I have got to see Jasper all day. He is staying awake most of the day and it won’t be long before he is standing and running on his own. On Saturday, he rolled over 3 times in a row.

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Mark Webb’s Shots

With all the rain we had on Wednesday I was sure we would have to kayak at Windrock on Saturday. Boy was I wrong. The conditions were the best we have had in some time. I finally was ready take off the Wetscreams. It was a small crowd of just Ziska, Loo and myself but it was good. Mark Webb was doing some trail work and grabbed a few shots off the road gap.


2008 is here


Icycle was this weekend and Morewood brought me my new Mbuzi. I built this up for a mini-DH bike for races lie Clemson, Carter’s lake, etc. This bike is my Izimu with 6″ of travel. The combo of the air RS Lyrik and Cane Creek Double Barrel was unbelievable and confidence inspiring on the trail. I followed Geritt on some practice runs and I was impressed with myself on some of the lines I took with this bike. I may need to build up some DH wheels for it, because I think it will love Windrock.