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Nobody rides Bigfoot anymore

Too bad. For what it is, Bigfoot is a fun place to sharpen and test your skills. I have gone up there the last two nights and dirt jumped (alone) and moto’ed around linking jumps and rollers into some really fun, challenging lines. Of course the dry weather has taken a toll on the jump faces. But luckily no one has been jumping the bigger set, so they have remained intact. Bumpy, but intact.

While riding last night, Loonatic called from New Orleans and had me laughing pretty damned hard. Sometime ago (about 5 months), he had his dirt jump bike stolen from the back of his truck. Fast forward to yesterday. He is helping a friend change the fuel filter in his F250 and out of the corner of his eye he sees a fella riding a bike that looked almost exactly like his. In a flash, he jumps up and takes off running in pursuit. Keep in mind Loo loves flip flops and needless to say they didn’t last 20 feet. As Loo explains it, “I was running so fast, they just couldn’t keep up”. (It is a well know fact that I don’t wear flip flops for just such reasons.) However his barefoot run helped in the end as they silenced his approach. So for 2 blocks on hot and gravely Louisiana asphalt Loo stalked his perp and at just the right moment he pounced. He knocked the Mexican from the bike and in a rage of justice he took his bike back to a chorus of jeers and laughing from the neighborhood porch squatters. I can only imagine the pride Loo feels in finding his DJ bike in near mint condition after so many lost months. Awesome!


I’m in the Asheville paper…

Link to article…

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Wolf Ridge NC State DH Championships

Racing was good.

Here is the down low from Derailed.

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Rusty’s birthday

Do it again Rusty!

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Fishing the Pigeon in GSNP

Check out this stonefly I saw close to the Nolichucky River in Erwin, TN

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I love the South

Check out Bill’s new IROC.


Carter’s Lake Series Finale

This past weekend was the series finale for the Carter’s Lake Mini-DH series down in Ellijay, Ga. But before the race on Sunday, Mark Ziska and I traveled over to Wolf Ridge Ski Resort on Saturday. We went to help Ryan Taylor finish up the race course for the up coming race this Saturday. It has been awhile since Wolf held a race and this will be very unique course for this area. The top half of the course will be super wide open and drifty. The bottom half is a mix of tight woods and open ski slope. The two halves are divided by a massive step down. It will be interesting to see how I will fair on such a mix of courses.

On to Carter’s Lake. I finished third in the first race and first in the second. I was sitting on top of the points, but just barley over Jake from Atlanta who was only 50 points behind me. I needed to finish ahead of him to keep the series lead, but of course I wanted to win.

The heat lately has been almost unbearable. Saturday (trail-building) and Sunday were no different. I tried to not do too many runs, but of course I like riding too much and I probably did a few too many. By race time I was sapped. But it seemed like everyone else was as well. I posted a 1:36 on my first run. Jeremy R was 3 seconds back. On a course this short, I felt pretty good about my lead, so I relaxed a little bit for the second run and coasted some of the course after I blew a couple turns early. I still would have had a winning time with my second run, so I left good to have a clean victory and series win.

Here are a few pictures taken by the onearmedbandit again…


Full Throttle #2

This past weekend was the Snowshoe Full Throttle Race Series #2. Meghann was finished with school finally (she graduated summa cum laude). So she had some time to travel with me to the race. We put the camper top on the truck and took the dogs with us. Isabella is very easy to travel with, but Domino is special and requires extra attention. But over all she did well.

Instead of camping out of Silvercreek and driving back and forth, we camped in the parking lot right next to the lift. It was more convenient. It was a good idea and others joined us. We had a good group including Mark, Brady, Jon, Jeff, Mo, Kenan, James, Stan, Klara and Mike.

The course was the usual start to STP road and Ball n’ Jack. The course is well seasoned, fast, and rough. There were a couple new section thrown in. There was a new berm section at the beginning of Ball n’ Jack that in my opinion didn’t flow every well for DH bikes. I was pretty fun on small bikes, but it was a slow section during the race.

I finished 10th again and under the conditions I’ll take it. I had pulled my groin and hamstring pretty bad just before the race and I wasn’t even sure I would get to race. I tried my best to practice with riders faster than me so that I could get some good practice, but my regulars (Ryan B, Ryan T, Geritt, etc.) were not there, so it was hard to consistently get fast runs. But I am beginning to realize that my style is rough and loose and I should just stick to that instead of trying to be overly smooth. I think I loose some of my aggressiveness. So I’ll just need to stick to what I know.

Meghann took a few pictures and some turned out well. Here are a few of folks we spent the weekend with…

This little fella woke us up several times throughout the night…

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