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DuPont State Forest, NC

20 miles with Chris Wyatt and a few with Geritt. It was good to ride with fast guys again.

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Sums it up

A quote from a guy who sees it the way I see it… The biggest game changer in our sport will be whether or not we can change the prevailing attitudes of trail advocacy and build legal trails that aren’t boring and monotonous. If current trail building trends don’t change, mountain biking will be horrible … Continue reading »

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New lights and Wet XC Ride

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No truck?

Trying to decide if still need my 14 yo truck. Of course when I bought it gas prices were much lower and I didn’t have a family. Now that we have 2 Land Cruisers, trying to test if I can do with out. Also used the fire grill the other night to cool some brats. … Continue reading »

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New Pump Track Features

Spent all day on Sunday working on the pump track with Wyatt and Rory. At the end of the day we played around on a jump I shaped out of the dirt pile.

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JP’s pics from Moab

A nice shot of the 80 articulating down into a gully on Kane Creel trail in Moab. This was the condition of a bearing in my Yeti SB66 after a run down the Whole Enchilada. This bearing’s seal went bad prior to trip and I replaced with inferior bearing off the internet due to time … Continue reading »

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Laurel – Pilot – Slate Rock

From an earlier ride on Laurel and Pilot with Geritt about a month ago.

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Pisgah Trail Ride

In an effort to not go crazy because I am not riding CO epic trails, I have been spending more time in NC. For only 2-2.5 hrs away, it certainly can fit the bill. Drove over with Joey to meet up with Scuba to ride a few good ones. We shuttled up and dropped a … Continue reading »

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The One Bike vs Two Bikes Theory???

Does one SB5c = SB66a + hardtail? What say you?

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Another weekend that was too short

Friday night Meghann and I tried to line up a date night, but it wasn’t meant to be. So at the last minute I grabbed Wyatt and we headed off to Oneida. I dropped him at his cousin Jenning’s house and I headed off to Big South Fork to meet up with Josh. On the … Continue reading »

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