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Last night was the third race in the Knox Bike Racing Wednesday night series at Baker’s Creek trails. The course went up Redbud and down Floyd Fox for 4 laps.I went way too hard on lap 1 and as expected blew up pretty hard on lap 2. I made a slight recovery by lap 4 and was able to pull in 3rd position. I am doing these to help with my pedaling during these enduro races, so I have reasonable expectations on how well I will preform. Couple that with a 26″ steel hardtail with flats and its clear that I’m not going to be competitive, but I do think its going to help me down the road in these enduro races when the stages are more pedaly.

Wyatt is doing these as well and I think he does well for his experience level. We never ride together with the purpose of XC racing as a goal, so his understanding of shifting and when to push and when to rest is really low. But I think he enjoys the activity and riding with kids his own age is good.

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