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More sand track fun

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Snowhill sand track with Shane

Friday night I drove over to the Beytagh’s in Fletcher and hung out with Richard, Margo, and Geritt. It had been awhile since I had seen Richard, so it was good share a beer and catch up on things. Saturday morning Geritt and I drove over to meet Shane near Morganton and ride a practice track. The track is in a tree nursery along a river bottom and is 100% sand. The guy who built the track dug out whoops and some techincal doubles over the entire length. While nothing was impossible, everything was very technical. If you can’t tell from the video, there are just a few section where you can relax. The rest is whoops, rollers, turns, or jumps. I struggled but I learned.

After watching this a few times, I can’t help but think how pitiful I appear. I will say in my defense it was hard to memorize all the sections and to remember what was coming next. But most of all I was doing all I could do to keep the bike up. Sand is hard to gauge. But I need to stay on the throttle more instead of blipping it so much.

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Adding it up.

Rode Panther Creek with Wyatt last Friday
Rode moto Saturday at Royal Blue with Joey and his brothers
Rode moto Sunday with Todd at Brown’s Flat
Rode Monday with Ben at Hann’s and Hastie
Rode Tuesday at I-40 Motocross track with Joey and his brothers
Rode Wednesday at Concord with Brian Poston

I’m tried. Actually I think I was tired on Monday. I’m taking today and Friday off then I’m riding a sand track on the moto with Geritt and Shane.

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Instant Classic


Rory has been sick the last week or two. First he had a runny nose, then a fever, then a rash. This picture captured his mood.

Last night I went to I-40 motocross and participated in the open practice night. It was way harder than I thought it would be but the new bike was just awesome. I can’t believe how perfect the suspension feels on the track when its soooooo stiff for the woods. There was a total of 4 practice sessions for me and my bike class. I got real tired during the 3rd and quit a little early and skipped the 4th all together. I started to get very sloppy and knew it was time to pull off and stay safe enough for a return another night.

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After seeing The Wall performed live last week I have had a rejuvenated interest in Pink Floyd’s music. Ever since that first listening of Dark Side of the Moon they have been my favorite musical group. I had a Scout leader recommend them and I went to West Town Mall to buy one of their albums (wow, have things changed). I scanned the tape section of Pink Floyd and by luck I picked Dark Side. My mom was shopping, so I went outside and listened to the entire album without interruption, twice. It was the most impactful piece of music I had ever heard. It was unlike anything I had ever heard and even to this day I can sit down and listen to the entire album start to finish and never get board. There was just something different about their sound.

At the time I didn’t know about the messy break up of the band in the mid eighties. I had this glorified view of the band and it seemed like magic. Over time I read more and started to understand that even though the album covers says Pink Floyd sometimes it wasn’t. For instance The Final Cut is pretty much viewed as a de facto Roger Waters solo album. Momentary Lapse of Reason is pretty much a David Gilmour solo album. So I struggle with remaining a purest or accepting individual work under the umbrella of Pink Floyd. No matter which albums you view as Pink Floyd or a charade, there is no denying the real Pink Floyd sound. Its clear when all 4 contributed. The magic wasn’t Water’s lyrics or Gimour’s guitar or Mason’s tom toms or Wright’s piano, it was all of it.

I’m sad there is no more prospect of a Pink Floyd future, as Gilmour and Waters have a strained relationship to say the least, Wright has passed away and Mason has moved on. In recent years Gilmour and Wright worked together on several projects ( On an Island) and toured under Gilmour’s solo name Live in Gdansk). While I can hear bits of Pink Floyd in there its just not the same. Water’s Amused to Death read’s like Pink Floyd lyrics and while its a good album, without the music its just not the real deal. Furthermore Gilmour contributed to a The Orb album Metallic_Spheres. His contribution is clear and gives it a very Pink Floyd sound, but again its not Pink Floyd without the rest.

Maybe the magic was the perfect storm of 5 albums starting with Meddle and ending with The Wall. It was to perfect to last forever or be repeated.

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Rory is One






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Roger Waters’ The Wall

Had an opportunity to see the only member of Pink Floyd I hadn’t seen in concert with Roger Waters’ version of The Wall. While there was no David Gilmour, it didn’t disappoint.







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Copperhead Rd.


Ben and I had an interesting conversation the other night and as a result I did this ride at Haw. Ran into a copperhead going up Low Gap. It stood its ground and struck at my bike tire as I tried to encourage him off the trail. They just look mean. Maybe they are understood??????

Haw Ridge (6-6-12 7-06-17PM)

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Also saw this post on Knoxville Cycling’s dead forum board. Horses at Haw.

Just remember mtbers, if one or more user groups can gang up on another it can and will happen to you in the future. It would be better to work together.

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More axle work

I spent 2.5 hours Monday, another 2 on Tuesday, and 2.5 today. Its disassembled, cleaned and ready for assembly with the exception of the passenger side hub. I still need to clean that up and knock out the old races. Its been a gross, messy job. Everything has gone to plan with the exception of loosing a washer. I had to reorder and it should be here on Friday with the new rotors and tie-rod ends.

I got to ride XC with Ben last night and it was just what I needed. He rides like I do and we slashed turns at Brian Hann’s trails for 10 miles and about an hour. Here is Ben’s GPS route to our ride.

Track (6-5-12 6-17-28PM)

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