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Monthly Archives: June 2012

More sand track fun

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Snowhill sand track with Shane

Friday night I drove over to the Beytagh’s in Fletcher and hung out with Richard, Margo, and Geritt. It had been awhile since I had seen Richard, so it was good share a beer and catch up on things. Saturday morning Geritt and I drove over to meet Shane near Morganton and ride a practice … Continue reading »

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Adding it up.

Rode Panther Creek with Wyatt last Friday Rode moto Saturday at Royal Blue with Joey and his brothers Rode moto Sunday with Todd at Brown’s Flat Rode Monday with Ben at Hann’s and Hastie Rode Tuesday at I-40 Motocross track with Joey and his brothers Rode Wednesday at Concord with Brian Poston I’m tried. Actually … Continue reading »

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Instant Classic

Rory has been sick the last week or two. First he had a runny nose, then a fever, then a rash. This picture captured his mood. Last night I went to I-40 motocross and participated in the open practice night. It was way harder than I thought it would be but the new bike was … Continue reading »

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After seeing The Wall performed live last week I have had a rejuvenated interest in Pink Floyd’s music. Ever since that first listening of Dark Side of the Moon they have been my favorite musical group. I had a Scout leader recommend them and I went to West Town Mall to buy one of their … Continue reading »

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Rory is One

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Roger Waters’ The Wall

Had an opportunity to see the only member of Pink Floyd I hadn’t seen in concert with Roger Waters’ version of The Wall. While there was no David Gilmour, it didn’t disappoint.

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Copperhead Rd.

Ben and I had an interesting conversation the other night and as a result I did this ride at Haw. Ran into a copperhead going up Low Gap. It stood its ground and struck at my bike tire as I tried to encourage him off the trail. They just look mean. Maybe they are understood?????? … Continue reading »

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More axle work

I spent 2.5 hours Monday, another 2 on Tuesday, and 2.5 today. Its disassembled, cleaned and ready for assembly with the exception of the passenger side hub. I still need to clean that up and knock out the old races. Its been a gross, messy job. Everything has gone to plan with the exception of … Continue reading »

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