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Monthly Archives: September 2009

If this doesn’t excite you…

Schladming 2009 – DHi 4x finals from TRBOWLE TV on Vimeo.

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Ok, so I really never needed a 5″ and 6″ travel bike. In that spirit I am trying to sell my Shova ST and just use my hardtail and Mbzui for all my riding. The hardtail is more than enough for Haw, Norris and Concord. Plus I put a front derailleur on my Mbuzi so … Continue reading »

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We need more of this

Riding a bike. Plain and simple.

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Russian DH Race

5th stage of Russian MTB Downhill Cup from Konstantin Alemasov on Vimeo.

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How is my racing going?

Weekend Warrior. That word popped up in a thread on Ridemonkey and I pointed out that we are all weekend warriors. We all make our money somewhere else. We might be students, engineers, bums, or construction workers. It doesn’t really matter. However, we still race and that makes us all racers. I race because I’m … Continue reading »

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